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The Vonage Conversation API and Telehealth

Omnichannel conversations with your bank or your doctor have moved beyond the conceptual phase. Arin explores how the The Vonage Conversation API unifies the channels in a way that was not possible before. Let’s take a look using examples from our SimplyDoc telehealth starter kit.

How to Architect Your WebRTC Application

WebRTC.ventures CEO/Founder Arin Sime and CTO Alberto Gonzalez teamed up at TADSummit EMEA Americas 2021 for a presentation that covered WebRTC architectural considerations and typical use cases based on our team’s experience working with a wide range of clients.

Bleeding Unit Tests

Performing automated unit tests to verify and validate code changes is a best software practice, and one that is increasingly important with today’s rapid feature development. Often with JavaScript projects, unit tests pass as expected one at at time. But when running the whole test suite together, test failures are seen. Our Senior WebRTC Engineer, Justin Williams delves more into bleeding unit tests and how factories can help the issue.

Watch WebRTC Live #61: A Fireside Chat on the Future of WebRTC

For our 61st episode of WebRTC Live, Arin welcomed Callstats.io founder Varun Singh to explore the future of WebRTC. Varun also shared a special announcement: he has joined Daily.co as Chief Product and Technology Officer. Daily Co-Founder Kwindla Kramer joined the conversation.

Component-Driven WebRTC Architecture

Quick development cycles with a lot of new functionality added over time can lead to a complex codebase. This can lead to bugs, feature refactoring issues, and slower development down the line – issues that are compounded when using WebRTC. Organizing your code into reusable building blocks, or components is a strong approach to keeping your WebRTC application maintainable. Let’s hear more from Senior WebRTC Engineer, Justin Williams.

IEEE Real Time Communications 2021: WebRTC Track Talks

See all the talks from the WebRTC track of the 2021 IEEE Real Time Communications Conference right here! Our CTO, Alberto Gonzalez, curated an impressive lineup of WebRTC thought leaders speaking about browser implementation, context-based RTC, monitoring, maintainable WebRTC applications, ingest for broadcasting, analytics, WebCodecs, and much more.

Watch WebRTC Live #60: What WebRTC Developer Need to Know About WebCodecs

For our 60th episode of WebRTC Live, Arin welcomed Google Senior Software Engineer and co-editor of the WebCodecs and MediaCapabilities web specifications, Chris Cunningham, to explore what WebRTC developers need to know about WebCodecs.

Arin Sime and Alberto Gonzalez to Present at TADSummit 2021

There is no “one size fits all” application architecture for live video applications using WebRTC. At TADSummit EMEA 2021, WebRTC.ventures CEO/Founder Arin Sime and CTO Alberto Gonzalez will present on WebRTC architectural considerations and typical use cases, based on our team’s experiences working with a wide range of clients.

Voice Transcription with Symbl.ai and the Vonage Video API

Symbl.ai’s Speech-to-Text capability is an extremely useful and much needed conversational intelligence tool for closed captioning. We asked one of our WebRTC Engineers, Hamza Nasir, to build a transcription demo with this native Streaming API into our SimplyDoc Telehealth Starter Kit, powered by the Vonage Video API.

Conference Recap: IEEE Real Time Communications 2021 at Illinois Tech

The Real Time Communications Conference is a yearly event that joins RTC experts and enthusiasts from all around the globe. They share their viewpoints on how Real-Time Communications technology will define the future. Our CTO Alberto Gonzalez was the chair of the 2021 WebRTC & Real-Time Applications track and shares this recap of the excellent talks.

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