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3 Methods for Connecting a Phone Call to Dialogflow

Emiliano Pelliccioni, one of our engineers, helped Chad Hart, analyst and consultant at cwh.consulting, write an article for cogint.ai. In the article, they analyze different methods of connecting Dialogflow to the PSTN. This is the first of a series of articles which will cover a real-life Dialogflow use case. Check out the first one here and be sure to come […]

AllThingsRTC 2019

Last week, WebRTC.ventures was invited to the AllThingsRTC 2019 conference hosted by Agora.io in San Francisco! AllThingsRTC is a new Real Time Communications conference that brings together more than 300 RTC experts and enthusiasts from the US and beyond. The conference featured leaders, developers, and partners dedicated to real-time communications. Alberto and I attended the conference together, and we are […]

Developing a Secure Messaging App for Telehealth with React Using Virgil Security, Higher-Order Components and React Context API

The most important thing to keep in mind when developing any kind of communications platform is security. This is especially important when processing PHI, or protected health information, because HIPAA requires this information to be secured in-transit and at-rest. Today, we’ll learn about a tool from our partners at Virgil Security that allows us to secure PHI. We’ll also take […]

Thoughts on “Sprinkles of Functional Programming”

At RailsConf 2019, we attended an interesting lecture called “Sprinkles of Functional Programming.” WebRTC Ventures aims to use the best approaches for our solutions, so I was excited for this lecture. The lecture discussed two concepts: object-oriented and functional programming. Object-oriented programming is a style that allows programmers to translate the behavior of things in real life to code that […]

What WebRTC Couldn’t Do Then But Can Do Now: The Road to “Plugin-Less”

  Back in 2016, our founder discussed the three things WebRTC can’t do. At the time, we were receiving several questions from our customers about the use of plugins, so we wrote a blog post about the limitations of this young technology. Since then, the technology has significantly evolved. Here is the road to “plugin-less:” the things WebRTC couldn’t do then […]

Nexmo @ RailsConf 2019

Context RailsConf 2019 took place a few weeks ago, and we were there to learn about the new stuff in this popular web framework. One of the many great announcements is a new Ruby gem that allows us to interact with the Nexmo API that provides SMS, voice, and phone notifications. In their announcement, they said, “The Nexmo Rails gem […]

AI in WebRTC: Background removal with Tensorflow in an Agora Video Chat

Today, everyone is talking about AI, or artificial intelligence, and how it will change the world over the next few decades. There are many use cases for it, including healthcare, transportation, security, and even task assistance. There are interesting ways AI is being applied to WebRTC and Real Time Communications in general. One interesting use case is WebRTC error detection […]

The Technology Behind Telehealth

Telehealth has made enormous contributions to improve the delivery of health services around the world. Today we’ll take a look at the technology that makes it possible. Real-Time Communications (RTC) Real-time is a form of communication in which information is transmitted instantly under low-latency conditions, like in a typical conversation between two people. A common example of this is a […]

May 3rd RealTimeWeekly #279

Real Time Weekly #279: May 3, 2019 Welcome to Real Time Weekly! In this issue we’ve got several tutorials to build real-time text chats apps, group video chats, broadcasting apps, and more. We want to announce that we’re going to pause this newsletter for a while. Sometimes it’s a good practice to stop and meditate about what we’ve learned so far […]

April 28th RealTimeWeekly #278

Real Time Weekly #277: April 22, 2019 In this issue we’ve got a tutorial about connecting WebRTC and PSTN with OpenTok and Nexmo, another tutorial to compile the native WebRTC source code, a guide to to set up Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking, and more! If you want to publish blog posts here, propose new topics, or just want to say hello, write […]

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