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Watch WebRTC Live #54 – Unleashing the True Power of WebRTC with Real-Time AV1 SVC

For our 54th episode of WebRTC Live, Arin Sime was joined by Sergio Garcia Murillo, founder and main developer for Meedoze technology, CoSMo’s Media Server Tech Lead, and Millicast’s Principal Engineer and Solution Architect, to explore enabling the next generation of live video architectures with Real-Time AV1 SVC.

WebRTC Browser Compatibility

WebRTC has evolved and matured immensely in the last couple of years. WebRTC technology is more stable, more supported, and more used than ever before. Browser implementation mismatches are fading into memory, as discussed by our DevOps Engineer, Hector Zelaya.

Watch WebRTC Live #53: Building a New Generation of Interactive Real-Time Streaming Solutions With WebRTC

For our 53rd episode of WebRTC Live, Arin welcomed Millicast Streaming Media Engineer Ryan Jespersen to explore how the use of WebRTC is expanding beyond the initial core design. Real-time video streaming is being done at web scale with millions of viewers and thousands of concurrent streams in a growing number of use cases. Ryan shared Millicast’s success stories in live sports and remote production, and discussed the architectures needed to enable those use cases. Watch it here!

Our WebRTC Development Process

This is part two of our series on Hiring a WebRTC Development Team. Our CEO and Founder, Arin Sime, leads us through working with our team. This includes contract models, our agile development cycle, post-development, and project timelines.

Hiring a WebRTC Development Team?

WebRTC development is not easy – bring in experts to help you! We are the team behind the WebRTC Tips videos and the WebRTC Live interview series, and we’ve been building live video applications for years in a variety of industries and use cases. Our CEO and Founder Arin Sime talks a little bit about the skills and roles our team can bring to your project.

Job Opening: WebRTC Engineer (North/Central/South America-based)

We are looking for multiple developers with a strong technical background that includes work in WebRTC or similar technologies and experience working in a collaborative, client-facing environment. English fluency for business/technical meetings is a must.

Watch WebRTC Live #52: Automated Testing for WebRTC

Maintaining quality and performance as complexity increases and requirements change is very difficult to do in any application, particularly in WebRTC applications. Testing is a must, and automated testing can make it much easier. Episode 52 of WebRTC Live covers the basics and types of automated testing, continuous integration and deployment, verifying tests, testing call quality, and more. Watch it here!

Using 8×8’s “Jitsi As A Service” with WordPress

8×8’s new Jitsi as a Service (JaaS) provides a complete video conferencing tool right out of the box that can be easily integrated into Wordpress. Perfect for smaller businesses with simple use cases and budgets that cannot support a fully custom WebRTC application.

Adding Recording to Your WebRTC Application

Whether to have recording capability in your WebRTC video or audio application is incredibly important to decide on BEFORE you build. You must also consider how much recording, recording layouts, where and how long you keep it, and how secure it needs to be. Let’s look at how recording affects your app’s architectural choices, as well as the question of recording as composite or individual streams.

Notifications Can Make or Break Your WebRTC User Experience

Timely and adequate notifications in your WebRTC application are essential in delivering a quality user experience. Opportunities to shine or to fail abound, from simply letting someone know another wants to connect to technology issues such as cameras, microphones, and internet strength.

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