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Building a Video Conferencing App Using Janus WebRTC Media Server

There are many great open source WebRTC media servers out there. But Janus’ great performance, small footprint, and active open source repository and community make it a popular choice for developers looking to use the latest supported WebRTC functionalities. Alberto Gonzalez takes Janus out for a spin to build a test video conference app.

WebRTC Media Servers – SFUs vs MCUs

There are many different ways to handle the video and audio streams in your WebRTC application. In this post, Arin Sime considers the line of decisions around open source media servers. First, whether to use one at all, as opposed to pure peer-to-peer architecture. Then, whether to choose an SFU or an MCU. The answers, as they usually do, rest in your use case.

Kranky Geek 2020: Conference Recap

WebRTC is undoubtedly an in demand technology, and the record-breaking attendance for Kranky Geek’s 2020 WebRTC conference indicates how it has grown. And though online, it was equally exciting as any previous year with excellent organization, topics, and quality. Talks covered scaling video calls, privacy, new APIs, WebRTC Next Version (NV), and a great panel with lead engineers from the major browsers. Our Senior WebRTC Engineer, Alberto Gonzalez, breaks it down for us.

Watch WebRTC Live #48: WebRTC and Security with Google’s Natalie Silvanovich

Arin’s guest for this episode of WebRTC Live was Google Security Engineer Natalie Silvanovich. You might assume that WebRTC is inherently secure, but Natalie opened our eyes to various vulnerabilities in WebRTC and how integrators can protect against them. Next up: WebRTC Live Episode 49 on Debugging WebRTC Applications.

Watch WebRTC Live #47: “WebRTC For The Curious with Sean DuBois”

Arin’s guest for this episode of WebRTC Live was Sean DuBois, Pion WebRTC Creator, Developer at Amazon Web Services, and author of WebRTC For The Curious, an open source book created by WebRTC implementers to share their hard-earned knowledge. Arin and Sean also discuss how Pion (the Go implementation of WebRTC) inspired this project. Next up: WebRTC Live Episode 48 on WebRTC Security with Natalie Silvanovich of Google.

Building An App Using Microsoft’s Azure Communication Services

In a previous post, we discussed the advent of Microsoft’s new Communication-Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) platform, Azure Communication Services. Today, we will cover the basic configuration and elements you need to set up an Azure Communication Service app and get our hands dirty building a Group Video Calling App that can handle up to 50 participants.

Virtual Weddings in the Pandemic

Have you ever wished you could attend a wedding virtually? Probably not. But here we are. Our team member, Nestor Bermudez, shares his tips and technical lessons learned from hosting his recent virtual wedding. We’ll also share our thoughts on livestreaming and making remote events more meaningful.

Azure Communication Services

Our team at WebRTC.ventures often leverage a Communication-Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) in our live video application development. With millions more people working remotely, the CPaaS market is bound to grow. That’s why we were very interested to learn that Microsoft was launching their own CPaaS: Azure Communication Services. Let’s take a look.

CPaaS as a Secretary: WebRTC.ventures Wins TAD Hack 2020 Symbl.ai Prize

Two members of the WebRTC.ventures team, Hamza Nasir and Justin Williams, participated in TADHack 2020. Their hack was to create a CPaaS solution for a more organized and efficient way to handle missed calls when you’re away from work using AI. They came home with the Symbl.ai prize!

First thoughts on Twilio Video WebRTC Go

The big Video-related announcement at Twilio’s SIGNAL 2020 was their introduction of WebRTC Go, a free entry-level tier for building live video applications. Let’s look at a few takeways about this new offering and the CPaaS market.

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