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How to Build HIPAA Compliant Video Applications

HIPAA compliance is not simple, and it’s more than just a technology problem. It will require coordinated work between your business, legal, healthcare and technology teams, as well as the support of vendors and contractors that you work with. Thankfully, WebRTC based video solutions allow you to build high quality video into your healthcare application while meeting HIPAA guidelines.

What is DevOps?

DevOps solves a historical conflict present in the software development lifecycle. Developers want change (new products, new optimizations), while Operations require stability. Our DevOps Engineer, Hector Zelaya, explores the DevOps culture, practices, and tools that are essential to increasing velocity to achieve change, while keeping things running smoothly under the hood.

Watch WebRTC Live #58: XDN (Experience Delivery Network) as an Architecture for Our New Interactive World

For our 58th episode of WebRTC Live, Arin Sime was joined by Red5 Pro CEO Chris Allen to discuss the evolution from peer-to-peer connections to SFUs to “XDNs” – multidirectional live content delivery networks designed for today’s real-time video experiences. Watch it here!

WebRTC.ventures Leadership Announcements: Mariana Lopez to become COO; Alberto Gonzalez CTO

WebRTC.ventures is pleased to announce the promotion of Mariana Lopez from Director of Products to Chief Operating Officer and Alberto Gonzalez Trastoy from Senior WebRTC Sales Engineer to Chief Technical Officer.

Real-time, Integrated Business Communications with WebRTC

Hybrid and remote work is here to stay. Companies will continue to need secure video communications and to exchange data remotely with their employees, partners, and customers, in real-time. A custom WebRTC application can help close geographic barriers, foster collaboration, and centralize processes.

Adding LiveSwitch into a Telehealth Video Application

LiveSwitch is a powerful media server option for building live video applications based on the WebRTC standard. Our team wanted to see how easy it would be to replace the commercial media server we currently use in our SimplyDoc Telehealth Starter Kit with the LiveSwitch Cloud offering. Let’s see how it went!

The Future of Healthcare Was Always Telehealth

Real-time communications over the web offers infinite possibilities for the healthcare industry and its many related segments. With its ability to work right in the browser and its strong security measures and encrypted data transmission, WebRTC is excellent for telehealth. This was true before the pandemic, and will stay true well beyond it.

Deploying a Hardened Janus Gateway

Janus is a great, lightweight piece of software that allows you to scale video conferencing quickly. While Janus documentation isn’t very easy to decipher to a newer user of the platform, it’s still a powerful tool that can be leveraged to overcharge your WebRTC infrastructure. Our WebRTC Engineer Jacob Greenway sheds light on some of the more difficult aspects of Janus security and shares best practices for hardening a Janus gateway to security attacks.

The Importance of DevOps in Live Video Applications

DevOps is a set of skills that our WebRTC development clients are needing more and more, even if they don’t ask for it by name. Implementing quality DevOps is particularly crucial to live video applications for its ability to enable scalable architectures, reliable applications, easier application maintenance, easier application transition, and continuous improvement.

Watch WebRTC Live #57 – How To Successfully Scale Your WebRTC in 2021

For our 57th episode of WebRTC Live, Arin Sime was joined by Anton Venema, CTO at LiveSwitch Inc for a deep dive into successfully scaling your WebRTC application in today’s technological landscape. They discussed the basics of scalability and media servers, optimizing for client vs. server efficiency, RTP packets and streams, bitrate management, the benefits of using a CPaaS to scale, and more. Watch it here!

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