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Featured Client Success: TheirStory

We recently announced the launch of our WebRTC Development and Telehealth Solutions Client Successes pages. These pages showcase some of our work with our clients. Every few weeks, we’ll highlight one of our client successes right here on our blog! Recording conversations and memories using video and audio TheirStory‘s founder, Zack Ellis, knows that everyone has a story to share. […]

Online Education and WebRTC

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen several colleges and public school systems close to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Many have announced a switch to online learning until this passes. Thankfully, today’s technology allows teachers and professors to hold class and office hours online using live video. In a pandemic, students can learn from home without the risk of […]

Introducing Our Client Successes!

WebRTC.ventures builds beautiful custom applications with live video and audio for a variety of industries and use cases. Our innovative solutions connect people with the world around them, no matter where they live. From telehealth and video conferencing to broadcasting and more, we have a track record of bringing our clients’ visions to life. We’ve created two pages to showcase […]

WebRTC APIs in Depth: getUserMedia

WebRTC consists of multiple APIs that perform different functions to establish a media session. We’re reviewing WebRTC APIs in this blog series, and we’re starting with getUserMedia, which allows a browser to interact with the media devices (microphone and camera). When getUserMedia is called, it prompts the user permissions to access media devices. This prompt is only available under secure […]

WebRTC Live #39 – “Challenges Building WebRTC Applications,” Alberto Gonzalez, WebRTC.ventures

On March 4th, WebRTC.ventures produced Episode #39 of WebRTC Live! Formerly known as WebRTC Standards, WebRTC Live is a webinar series about the latest use cases and technical updates to the popular coding standard for live video. For this episode, we were joined by guest Alberto Gonzalez, Senior Engineer at WebRTC.ventures, discussing the complexities of building WebRTC applications. What makes […]

PRESS RELEASE: SimplyDoc Launches Care-Driven Telehealth Solution Enhancing Patient Care

Monday, March 9, 2020 | Charlottesville, Virginia | Press release originally published on prweb.com. WebRTC.ventures is the parent company of SimplyDoc, a telehealth solution for medical and mental health practices. SimplyDoc today announced the launch of a care-driven telehealth solution for any size practice. Customizable to any medical practice, mental health clinic, hospital system, or healthcare scenario, SimplyDoc is designed […]

Coronavirus and Telehealth Funding

Like all employers, our team at WebRTC.ventures is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely. Fortunately, our team already works remotely in most cases, and we work remotely with most of our clients. But through our work in telehealth, we are also very attuned to the benefits of providing remote medical care whenever possible. We’ve recently launched our SaaS telehealth platform SimplyDoc as an […]

Remote Work and the Coronavirus

Remote work is having a moment, but unfortunately it’s not for good reasons. Concerns about the COVID-19 coronavirus are dominating the news right now and making a global impact. That impact has spread well beyond China and the stock market. Employers, school systems, and local governments are all preparing for likely outbreaks in their communities. Working from home The most common pieces […]

Broadcast Solutions by WebRTC.ventures

We talked last week about how broadcasting applications can benefit businesses in various industries. Now let’s discuss some use cases for Interactive Broadcast Solution, WebRTC.ventures’ customizable broadcasting tool. What is Interactive Broadcast Solution? Interactive Broadcast Solution is WebRTC.ventures’ broadcasting and live streaming application. It allows you to create events and broadcast them live to a large audience. If you’re holding […]

Looking for a Broadcasting Application?

Broadcasting applications can benefit businesses in several industries. From sporting events and conferences to trainings and webinars (like WebRTC Live!), there are many use cases for broadcasting tools. Let’s take a look at a few. Broadcasting and gaming applications Many games and mobile apps utilize broadcasting to stream content to their users. Have you heard of HQ? Live games use […]

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