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Watch WebRTC Live #56 – How To Create Social Group Magic with WebRTC and Wonder

For our 56th episode of WebRTC Live, Arin Sime was joined by Wonder Co-Founder Leonard Witteler. Leonard and his team have used WebRTC to build a virtual space for groups to meet, talk, exchange ideas, and work together that is so much more than a networking tool for virtual business conferences. He discussed the evolution of the technology and architectures that made Wonder possible and their use of multiple CPaaS providers, as well as MediaSoup, to handle their varied use cases. Watch it here!

Types of Software Tests

It may not sound comforting to know that there are people who spend 100% of their time finding mistakes in the work of others, but their work is absolutely indispensable. That is precisely the job of our QA team at the WebRTC.ventures testing laboratory in Panama City, Panama. Our Testing Manager, Rafael Amberths, discusses the role of the testing team and types of testing in the first of a three-part series.

Background Removal with the Vonage Video API

Taking WebRTC Video calling to the next step involves providing more functionality and custom behavior to our video conferencing applications. We’ve experimented with using the HTML canvas to add more customization to our video calls, and we’ve found that gives us a lot of power. In this post, we look at leveraging the Vonage Video API with the power of HTML canvas to apply virtual backgrounds to our video calls.

One for All, All for One: WebRTC Mesh Architecture

There are a number of strategies available for enabling WebRTC multi-party connections. The most simple choice is Mesh. But only if you don’t need to support more than 3-5 users on the same call and you don’t want a server in the middle. Our DevOps Engineer, Hector Zelaya, explains.

Watch WebRTC Live #55 – Around – Building the Future of Collaborative Audio & Video Experiences

For our 55th episode of WebRTC Live, Arin Sime was joined by Manik Sachdeva from Around. Manik provided insight into the features, talent, technologies, and tech stacks that Around is employing to keep us connected in the new normal of collaborative meetings and hybrid work environments. They discussed noise and echo suppression, audio-only meetings, latency, scaling, UI, load balancing, the decision to use Electron, Chromium, and Mediasoup, and much more. Watch it here!

Resources to Learn WebRTC

The demand for real-time video applications has never been greater. If you can’t wait for our expert team to free up or if you are simply low on funding, Arin Sime has compiled a list of resources to help you learn more about WebRTC development on your own.

Watch WebRTC Live #54 – Unleashing the True Power of WebRTC with Real-Time AV1 SVC

For our 54th episode of WebRTC Live, Arin Sime was joined by Sergio Garcia Murillo, founder and main developer for Meedoze technology, CoSMo’s Media Server Tech Lead, and Millicast’s Principal Engineer and Solution Architect, to explore enabling the next generation of live video architectures with Real-Time AV1 SVC.

WebRTC Browser Compatibility

WebRTC has evolved and matured immensely in the last couple of years. WebRTC technology is more stable, more supported, and more used than ever before. Browser implementation mismatches are fading into memory, as discussed by our DevOps Engineer, Hector Zelaya.

Watch WebRTC Live #53: Building a New Generation of Interactive Real-Time Streaming Solutions With WebRTC

For our 53rd episode of WebRTC Live, Arin welcomed Millicast Streaming Media Engineer Ryan Jespersen to explore how the use of WebRTC is expanding beyond the initial core design. Real-time video streaming is being done at web scale with millions of viewers and thousands of concurrent streams in a growing number of use cases. Ryan shared Millicast’s success stories in live sports and remote production, and discussed the architectures needed to enable those use cases. Watch it here!

Our WebRTC Development Process

This is part two of our series on Hiring a WebRTC Development Team. Our CEO and Founder, Arin Sime, leads us through working with our team. This includes contract models, our agile development cycle, post-development, and project timelines.

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