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Announcing the WebRTC.ventures Training Program – Learn WebRTC and join our team!

Live video applications are the engine that is allowing the global economy to continue to grow in these unprecedented times. We need to add more experienced WebRTC engineers to our team! The new WebRTC.ventures Training Program will prepare you to do just that.

Arnaud Blogs on Twilio about creating a video chat mobile app with Twilio Video and Flutter, using BLoC

Arnaud gives us a tutorial on building a mobile video chat app using Twilio Video, Flutter, Dart, and the BLoC design pattern.

Using DTX for Audio Optimization in Large Multi-Party Calls

DTX is an advanced configuration of the Opus audio codec that allows for large reductions in on audio traffic when a participant is silent. When DTX is enabled, part of the silent audio packets won’t be transmitted. Senior WebRTC engineer, Germán Goldenstein, shares the pros and cons of this very powerful technique for audio optimization and the kind of use cases where it makes the most sense.

Alberto Blogs on Twilio About Issue Diagnostics

While WebRTC continues to evolve, differences between browsers and operating systems can be challenging. Alberto shared methods and tools you can use to troubleshoot any video application, as well as some of the particularly important concepts to properly troubleshoot a production-ready application that uses Twilio Video APIs.

Watch WebRTC Live #62: Notable Hacks from TADHack Global 2021

We concluded a great 2021 season of WebRTC Live by shining a light on the innovative telecommunication developers from around the world. We invited TADHack founder Alan Quayle to share his favorite hacks of TadHack Global 2021. Watch it here!

Mariana Blogs on Twilio About Creating Great UX in Telehealth Applications

There’s more on the line with a healthcare application, so solid user experience (UX) design is critical. Implementing good design upfront, considering use cases like rejoining a call, and building in preventative measures like pre-call tests are all crucial for healthier and happier users. Twilio Programmable Video has many features that support thoughtful UX design in your telehealth application.

Pedro Blogs on Twilio About Video App Considerations for Product Owners

Product owners play a key role in their teams’ ability to deliver a high-quality video application. Thinking about items like call quality, waiting rooms, connectivity tests, and call data will all help the product owner to guide their team into building a more functional video application that users will love. Using a great CPaaS like Twilio helps!

ICE Issues On Restrictive Networks and How To Alleviate Them

For use cases like telehealth where security and privacy are paramount, WebRTC developers use ICE servers to find their way through restrictive firewalls. In this blog post, we will review the signaling process, STUN and TURN servers, and share some tips on how to alleviate ICE issues that can be caused by certain network restrictions.

The Vonage Conversation API and Telehealth

Omnichannel conversations with your bank or your doctor have moved beyond the conceptual phase. Arin explores how the The Vonage Conversation API unifies the channels in a way that was not possible before. Let’s take a look using examples from our SimplyDoc telehealth starter kit.

How to Architect Your WebRTC Application

WebRTC.ventures CEO/Founder Arin Sime and CTO Alberto Gonzalez teamed up at TADSummit EMEA Americas 2021 for a presentation that covered WebRTC architectural considerations and typical use cases based on our team’s experience working with a wide range of clients.

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