5 Reasons to Use a Video Call Starter Kit (and 4 Reasons to Use Ours)

Real-time communication has become indispensable for both processes and products. Video meetings support internal communications for remote teams and facilitate sales and customer service activities. They are also increasingly integrated as a standard feature in software products and platforms sold by businesses.

When developing video call capabilities, companies face a crucial decision: should they use a starter kit or build an application from scratch? 

Video Call Starter Kit

Here are key factors to consider:

5 Reasons to Use a Video Call Starter Kit

1. You are under a time constraint

Starter kits can be set up and used quickly, whereas developing a custom application can take months.

2. You are under a budget constraint

Starter kits are more affordable than the significant financial investment required for developing a custom video application. Avoiding costs associated with hiring developers, designers, and IT specialists is a major benefit.

3. You have limited technical infrastructure

Starter kits are user-friendly and designed without the need for advanced technical skills on your team. Businesses without a robust IT department may find it easier to use these types of solutions.

4. You want to focus on your core business

Businesses might prefer to focus their resources on their primary activities rather than diverting them to develop and maintain a custom application. This avoids the need for ongoing maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting that come with custom applications.

5. Your business does not have the scale (yet!)

Small to Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) might not have the scale to justify the development of a custom application.

4 Reasons to Use Our Video Call Starter Kit

WebRTC.ventures has been at the forefront of building live video, audio, and chat applications since 2015. As a proud System Integration Partner for the Amazon Chime SDK and a member of the Amazon Partner Network, we leverage the power of AWS and WebRTC to deliver top-tier solutions.

Our virtual meeting platform includes 80% of the features consistently requested by our clients over the last decade. With the flexibility to customize the remaining details, you get a solution that’s uniquely yours.

Here’s why you should choose our starter kit:

1. Reliability and Scalability

Built on the robust Amazon Chime SDK, our solution ensures reliability and scalability, even under high-demand scenarios. You can trust that your video communication platform will deliver a consistent and high-quality experience for users, regardless of the scale.

2. Efficiency

Our Starter Kit provides a ready-to-use framework that accelerates the launch of your virtual meeting tool, allowing you to focus on refining your unique features and functionalities. Say goodbye to time-consuming development cycles!

3. Customizability

While the Starter Kit offers a set of standard features, it’s highly customizable to adapt to your use case. Whether you need to integrate branding elements, add specialized features, or tailor the user experience, our solution provides the flexibility you need.

4. Multiple Deployment Options

We can build your video meeting platform within your infrastructure or we can host and manage it for you.

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