WebRTC.ventures is proud to join the global community of developers who have attained an approval badge from Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an official AWS Partner. We’ve met a vigorous set of criteria, including knowledge, experience, and customer success requirements. 

As experts in the AWS Partner Network (APN), we are certified in using AWS cloud services, the most widely used platform in the world. As AWS Partners, we are uniquely positioned to help you accelerate your journey to the cloud and unlock the full potential of AWS for WebRTC solutions in healthcare, education, telecom, recruitment, and more. 

“Deep functionality is available within the world of AWS-powered video, audio, and chat solutions. We’re pleased to be recognized for our team’s expertise in mining these services to build the next generation of scalable, real-time communications solutions for our clients.”

Alberto Gonzalez, WebRTC.ventures CTO

Additional Integration Expertise with the Amazon Chime SDK

WebRTC.ventures is also a System Integration Partner for the Amazon Chime SDK

This is further testament of our ability to leverage the scale of the AWS cloud, the flexibility and power of the Amazon Chime SDK, and native integration with AI/ML services like Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Transcribe, to build globally scalable communication apps.

Building live video applications since 2015

WebRTC.ventures is one of the few software development agencies in the world dedicated to WebRTC. This dedication and experience is why so many people trust us to help bring their live video application dreams to life.

We are proud to take our experience and apply that to the unique needs and global scale of clients using AWS. We also excel in designing, deploying, testing and maintaining secure applications on AWS.

Find us on the AWS Marketplace, or contact us directly today!

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