Introducing Conectara Modernizing Contact Center Operations with Amazon Connect

As specialists in scalable, secure, smart, and seamless communication solutions and as members of the Amazon Partner Network, the team at is proud to announce the arrival of Conectara, where modern contact centers solutions, powered by Amazon Connect, are born. 

Conectar is the Spanish verb for ‘to connect,’ which lies at the heart of what Conectara does. There is unparalleled potential in leveraging the power of Amazon Connect contact center and customer service software, Amazon Web Services cloud communications, and real-time communication. However, it takes real experts to put all the pieces together in a way that provides sustainable business value. are those experts.

Enhance agent efficiency, streamline data, and elevate CX with Conectara 

  • Amazon Connect as the backbone of your contact center, providing a robust, scalable, and reliable cloud-based system.
  • Advanced features and custom integrations at the point of purchase or in the future.
  • Comprehensive training for all levels of users, available in Spanish and English.
  • Support and maintenance contracts available to ensure your platform operates smoothly and stays current with the latest technology and security standards.

Conectara is not a service or a product, it is a beacon for those seeking reliability, intelligence, and transformative customer service. Conectara expands the horizons of what is possible and sets new standards for contact and support center solutions that empower businesses across the globe.

Allow Conectara to bring unparalleled expertise and innovation to your contact center transformation. 

Learn more and request a demo today at

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