Enhanced CX for Contact Centers with GenAI and WebRTC

The integration of Generative AI (GenAI) and WebRTC has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate, particularly in contact centers. GenAI’s ability to generate content and perform actions based on given instructions is opening new frontiers across various industries. When combined with the real-time communication capabilities of WebRTC, organizations can build seamless, efficient, and highly personalized customer experiences.

Enhanced CX for Contact Centers

In this post, we explore the transformative potential of these technologies in enhancing customer service and operational efficiency in contact centers. We’ll also provide some examples.

The Rise of Generative AI

Generative AI refers to a machine’s ability to receive instructions and generate new content or perform specific actions, just like a human. It relies on large language models (LLMs) and other machine learning (ML) models trained on vast amounts of data and supporting billions of parameters.

Generative AI has unlocked new opportunities across multiple industries. It assists copywriters in refining content, supports software developers in creating robust source code for their applications, and even aids doctors in their diagnoses.

It is also transforming customer service in contact centers. LLMs can assist agents with real-time responses, summarize conversations, and provide actionable insights. These capabilities boost agent efficiency, enhance analytics, and improve the overall customer experience.

Thank You For Calling. This is WebRTC!

WebRTC enables real-time video and audio communication capabilities for browsers and native applications. It supplies developers with tools to build software products that can manage media devices, handle media streams, and send these through the network securely and reliably.

WebRTC allows you to build your own communication solution that integrates with your CRM or any custom system you use to run your contact center. This helps avoid working across multiple solutions and scattering valuable information.

This integration also makes it easier to optimize workflows, reduce manual tasks, and increase your sales or service team’s productivity.

Enhanced CX for Contact Centers

Combining the power of Generative AI with the communication capabilities of WebRTC allows you to create contact center solutions that greatly improve customer experiences. Let’s see some examples.

Web-Based Voice Call with AI Agent Assistance

Overall architecture of Amazon Connect and Symbl.ai integration for real-time transcription and assistance.

Overall architecture of Amazon Connect and Symbl.ai integration for real-time transcription and assistance.

The first example is a web-based application where agents take voice calls. A GenAI model listens to the conversation and, by leveraging external resources such as the company’s knowledge base or publicly available information, suggests appropriate answers to the agent.

After the call, the AI model generates a quick summary that allows managers to understand the details of the interaction without having to go through the entire conversation. The summary can also outline action items for agents to take or assign to back-office agents.

See it in action: Building AI Agent Assist with Symbl.ai Nebula LLM and Amazon Connect 

Voicebot-based IVR Systems

Depiction of the AI Travel Agent architecture.

Depiction of the AI Travel Agent architecture.

Anyone who has interacted with a call center is familiar with automated systems that require you to press a specific button or utter a particular word to communicate with an agent or perform a self-service action.

What if, instead of such a rigid approach, you could talk naturally like you do with a human, and the system could understand your intent and perform actions accordingly? Enter voicebots.

Voicebots rely on the natural language understanding ability of LLMs. They are useful in gathering information from customers before connecting them to an agent or creating a ticket for a task that will eventually be performed by a human, such as updating credit card information or address.

See it in action: Building an AI Travel Agent with Symbl.ai’s Nebula LLM and Amazon Connect 

To ensure the bot is behaving appropriately, it’s also possible to add metrics and statistics in the process to gain visibility over its performance and take any required action.

Localized Interactions for Customers

Depiction of the process for translating audio inputs

Depiction of Polybot’s process for translating audio inputs

You can leverage Generative AI to generate tailored experiences for your customers. For instance, equipping your voicebot agent to accommodate multiple languages or dialects.

Our team built Polybot.ai, a proof of concept web application that combines WebRTC and Generative AI to create a translator bot and wrote a series of posts on this endeavor.

We covered how to use Generative AI to design the brand strategy and identity of the product, build effective prompts, and integrate all the pieces in a well-designed, easy to use web application.

Increase Efficiency and Create Personalized Experiences with Generative AI and WebRTC

The combination of Generative AI and WebRTC brings a new level of efficiency and personalized customer interactions. With innovations that go from assisting agents in real-time and creating intelligent voicebots, to offering localized support, these provide practical, impactful solutions. 

As businesses continue to harness these technologies, they can expect to see not only improved customer satisfaction but also streamlined operations and increased productivity. At the end of day, embracing Generative AI and WebRTC is more than just adopting new tools; it’s about stepping into a future where customer service is smarter and more responsive than ever.

Ready to transform your contact center with cutting-edge Generative AI and WebRTC technology? Contact us today to elevate your customer service experience and boost operational efficiency. Let’s make it live!

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