Developing a Brand Strategy and Identity for an AI-Powered WebRTC Application

Creating a brand that stands out is often as crucial as the innovation itself. At, we recently embarked on an exciting journey to develop a unique brand identity for our latest creation, Polybot.AI. “Polly” seamlessly integrates WebRTC technologies with AI, offering real-time, on the go translation through audio and speech recognition. Simply open up your browser, speak to the screen and have a GenAI-powered real-time translator speak to the representative on your behalf. 

We introduced you to Polly in a previous post, “AI + WebRTC Product Development: A Blueprint for Success”. Today, we’ll take you behind the scenes of our branding process, from conception to realization. This journey was a testament to the power of AI in creative processes, blending human intuition with machine-generated creativity.

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Understanding Core Functionality

We began with taking stock of Polly’s functionality. We know a good brand should resonate with its target audience, while also reflecting the product’s core capabilities. Our aim was to create a brand that is not just a name, but a representation of the app’s innovative spirit.

The Role of AI in Brand Development

Our app is not only powered by AI, but we also used it to kickstart our branding process. Specifically, we turned to ChatGPT to help us create a simple deck for the branding development brief, which served as our guiding star throughout the process.

Key Points of Our Branding Strategy


The name ‘Polybot’ was chosen as it directly reflected the app’s core function – polyglot capabilities in a bot format. It’s easy to remember, pronounce, and importantly, it’s unique and searchable. Other names that were considered: LinguaSync, FluentAI, InstantLingo and TranslateIQ.

Ideal Client Persona

We focused on business professionals, travelers, students, patients and anyone in need of quick, accurate translations – a diverse yet specific target audience.

Our vision was clear – modern and minimalist. We wanted our logo to be a visual cue of our app’s sleek, efficient, and user-friendly nature.

Color Scheme

We chose a palette that conveys innovation and clarity, with shades of blues and greens dominating to evoke a sense of trust, calm, and forward-thinking.


The chosen typography is sleek, modern, and easy to read, aligning with our overall brand ethos.

The Creative Process, using ChatGPT Logo Creator

With our branding pitch ready, we utilized OpenAI’s Chat GPT Logo Creator to generate logo ideas. This AI-driven process provided us with a range of creative concepts from which we cherry-picked elements that resonated most with our brand vision. The final logo is a testament to the power of AI in creative processes, blending human intuition with machine-generated creativity.

Finalizing the Brand Identity and Bringing Polybot.AI to Life

The color palette for Polybot.AI was also inspired by the Midjourney designs. We selected colors that not only aligned with our branding strategy but also added a distinctive character to our brand. The final design is not just visually appealing but also embodies the essence of Polybot.AI.

The creation of Polybot.AI’s brand identity was a journey in blending technology with creativity. By leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT and Logo Creator GPT, we were able to streamline our creative process and develop a brand that truly represents our innovative app.

Integrating Brand Identity into Polybot.AI’s User Experience

A crucial aspect of bringing the Polybot.AI brand to life was its seamless integration into the app’s user experience and visual design. Every element of the app’s interface has been meticulously crafted to reflect our branding strategy, ensuring that the look and feel of Polybot.AI are not just aesthetically pleasing but also functionally resonant with our users. From the color scheme and typography to the layout and interactive elements, the branding is consistently applied to create an intuitive and engaging user experience. Below are some screenshots that showcase how the Polybot.AI brand identity is embodied within the app, offering users a cohesive and immersive experience that goes beyond mere translation capabilities.

These visual elements do more than just make the app look good; they enhance usability, reinforce brand recognition, and create an emotional connection with our users. By thoughtfully integrating our brand identity into the user interface, we’ve ensured that Polybot.AI is not only a tool for communication but also a representation of innovation, clarity, and user-centric design.


The branding of Polybot.AI showcases the potential of AI in creative endeavors. It stands as a testament to the power of combining technology with human creativity to create a brand that is not only visually appealing but also deeply connected to the product’s core functionality and target audience.

Polybot.AI is more than just an app; it’s a brand that speaks the language of innovation, clarity, and accessibility. As we move forward, we are excited to see how Polybot.AI will revolutionize the way we communicate and break down language barriers across the globe.

At, we’re not just building great real-time audio, video, and chat applications. We’re building smart ones. And, we are available for more than just the build. Ask us about our branding, UI/UX, testing, managed services, and much more. Contact us today!

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