Getting to the doctor can be difficult. Things like limited or no paid time off, lack of access to reliable transportation, and lack of childcare can prevent people from getting the healthcare services they need.

Leverage technology to expand access to healthcare

What if we could bring healthcare to the patient? That’s exactly what telehealth was created to do! Telehealth platforms allow doctors and patients to communicate without being in the same location, reducing some of the largest barriers to healthcare access. Have a computer and a stable internet connection, but don’t have the means to physically get to your doctor’s office? With a telehealth platform, that isn’t a problem.

We’ve seen a rise in telehealth usage in recent years. 46% of medical providers indicated that they use connected care technologies in the 2018 Future Health Index survey. Healthcare access is improving with technology.

Our telehealth starter kit

We’ve seen these access issues and were determined to address them. Our telehealth platform can be white-labeled, branded, and customized to the unique needs of your healthcare practice. It offers scheduled appointments with all the in-call features you need, appointment reminders to ensure you and your patients never miss an appointment, a searchable directory with your providers’ profiles, billing and payment processing within the platform, and admin accounts with report generation and user management capabilities. It’s intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to use.

Medical appointments are made more convenient by eliminating commute times, transportation costs, and geographic limitations, improving healthcare access for everyone. Ready to make your healthcare practice more accessible to your patients? Contact us!

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