Welcome to our telehealth starter kit blog series! For the rest of the summer, we’ll focus on one feature of our telehealth starter kit in a new post each week. We’ll explain why each feature is important and how it can benefit your providers and your patients. Today, we’re talking about professional profiles, the directory, and our search function. These features make it easy for your patients to find you.

Professional profiles

When you create a professional account, you’ll complete your profile with information that your patients will see. Your About, Qualifications, Skills, and Degrees & Licenses sections will give your patients a glimpse of you and your areas of expertise. It’s easy for your patients to request an appointment with you directly on your profile.

Directory and search

Your profile is accessible within your healthcare practice’s directory. Patients can use scroll through the directory and use the search function and filters to find the provider that will best suit their needs. From the directory, they are able to click on your profile to learn more about you.


The best part of our telehealth starter kit is that it can be customized to the unique needs of your healthcare organization. We can:

  • Customize the search filters
  • Disable the professional review function

If you’d like to add a feature that isn’t listed here, reach out to us!

There you have it! Our telehealth starter kit makes it easy for your patients to find you. Tune in next week as we discuss your admin accounts!

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