Welcome to our telehealth starter kit blog series! For the rest of the summer, we’ll focus on one feature of our telehealth starter kit in a new post each week. We’ll explain why each feature is important and how it can benefit your providers and your patients. Today, we’re talking about appointment reminders. Our in-app calendar helps you keep track of your appointments, and our reminders ensure that you and your patients never miss an appointment.

Appointment reminders

Reduce no-shows and never miss an appointment. We get it — patients forget, providers forget. That’s why we built our appointment reminder functionality.

Soon before the appointment begins, the provider and the patient will both receive an appointment reminder sent to the email address registered in their accounts. The email includes a link that makes it easy to log in and join the call.


The best part of our telehealth starter kit is that it can be customized to the unique needs of your healthcare organization. We can:

  • Change the time that the appointment reminder is sent
  • Change any of the text within the appointment reminder
  • Send appointment reminders via text message

If you’d like to customize anything else regarding the appointment reminders, reach out to us!

There you have it! Our telehealth starter kit ensures that your patients and providers won’t miss their appointments. Be sure to tune in next week as we discuss our next feature!

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