All summer long, we’ve been talking about our telehealth starter kit and its features in a weekly blog series. Each post focused on different features, explained how these features can benefit your providers and your patients, and mentioned customizations you may wish to use. Check out the linked posts below for an in-depth look at our starter kit!

Highlighted features

Scheduled appointments. Set your own schedule and accept or deny patients’ appointment requests.

In-call appointment features. Exchange secure messages and files, take private notes only visible to you, and share your screen with your patients or vice-versa.

Appointment reminders. Send appointment reminder emails to your patients and providers automatically. Reduce no-shows and never miss an appointment. You even have the option of adding text message reminders!

Professional profiles, directory, and search. Create your profile and allow your patients to find and request appointments with you.

Professional and quality reviews. Allow your patients to submit anonymous reviews of your providers — or turn this feature off with the click of a button. After each call, submit a call quality review that comes directly to us and helps us improve your experience.

Billing and payment processing. Set your session price and accept payment through the platform — or turn this feature off if you’d prefer to handle billing on your own.

Admin accounts. Generate reports, view appointment history, and manage your users.

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