Over the past few months, we’ve talked a lot on our blog about the custom services we offer, what makes WebRTC.ventures stand out, and examples of our work. Today, we’re bringing you a brand new testimonial from TripDoctor, a company that’s making it easier for travelers to connect with a doctor from anywhere in the world.

Connecting travelers to doctors

TripDoctor’s founders envisioned a telemedicine application that would ease the stress of seeking medical care while traveling abroad. After months of searching for the right development team, they turned to us to develop their barrier-breaking application.

We used WebRTC, React, Redux, Apollo, GraphQL, PostgreQL, and Google API to build TripDoctor’s application. Its features include live video consultations, live chat messaging, and appointment scheduling.

With the help of our team, TripDoctor’s application is now live in more than 25 cities in 5 countries: Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Jamaica, and Morocco.

TripDoctor’s feedback about working with WebRTC.ventures

We spoke with Ben Hose, Co-Founder and CTO of TripDoctor, to get his feedback on their experience with us. Ben was enthusiastic about our work, stating that “WebRTC.ventures is a team that gets things done and an overall pleasure to work with and interact with on a daily basis.”

TripDoctor came to us after conducting “an extensive vetting process and analysis of hundreds of potential technology and development partners,” Ben said. They decided to work with us because of “the quality of [our] previous work (in the WebRTC and web application space) and the ease of communication from the executive team down to each individual member of the development teams.”

“The entire WebRTC.ventures team has been very collaborative, supportive, and flexible in meeting the needs of technology startups. WebRTC.ventures exceeded our expectations in terms of cost, quality of developers, communication, and project management abilities.”

Ben Hose, Co-Founder & CTO, TripDoctor

Ben gave us top ratings for satisfaction and solving their pain points. He noted that we were “able to deliver on all of [TripDoctor’s] development needs and help [them] bring [their] technology to the marketplace.” When TripDoctor “made many pivots in the core features and functionality” they needed, we were “very agile in meeting [their] development needs and helping [them] overcome any challenges in building [their] robust application.”

“As we build out an in-house development team, we will continue to utilize the WebRTC.ventures team for thought leadership, development, and support in future product development.”

Ben Hose, Co-Founder & CTO, TripDoctor

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