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Secure video chat between a patient and their doctorWhether you’re a Telehealth Startup looking for a unique application to launch your business, or an established Medical Practice looking to add Telehealth to your existing workflows, you need a Telehealth solution which can be customized to your unique needs!

Don’t settle for “Off the Shelf” software that doesn’t meet your unique needs. Our team has built a Telehealth Solution which can be licensed, customized, and rebranded to your unique needs.

Further, our pricing can grow with you! We charge a low configuration fee, based on your customization needs, and then we offer monthly pricing based on the number of Telehealth practitioners you have.

This “pay as you grow” model allows you to get started quickly with a Telehealth Solution that is much more unique to your practice than our competition, who can only offer you a set list of features which you have no influence over.

WebRTC Telehealth Client Case Study

How Docto got a workable beta service using WebRTC in 3 months

Docto is an Australian startup in the telehealth space. Their competitive advantage? They connect patients with the medical specialists who are most likely to be able to assist the patient.

A year since they started working with, Docto is already operating with 70 doctors who consult to their patients.

Want to learn how Docto got to a workable beta service using WebRTC in just 3 months?


Want to Know the Future of Video in Telehealth?

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HIPAA Telehealth email course offers free email course on the future of video in healthcare and telehealth, examining the inherent security advantages of a telehealth application based on webrtc video technology.

Arin Sime, CEO of WebRTC Ventures  said, “We have been contacted by many companies interested in learning more about how to apply WebRTC video communications in telehealth applications, and so we decided to offer this email course to share the best practices that we’ve learned working with telehealth solutions in the US and Australia.”

This six week,self-guided email course specifically dives into HIPAA-compliant telehealth app technology, and how facilities and providers can onboard this revolutionary technology while staying HIPAA-compliant and scalable for the future.

Each week, course participants will receive an email with a downloadable eBook which dives a little deeper into the WebRTC video world and its role in Telehealth.

Topics covered include:

  • WebRTC background
  • WebRTC and telehealth apps
  • Telehealth security
  • WebRTC architectural decisions
  • WebRTC case studies
  • WebRTC and the future

Sime added, “The goal of this email course is to get decision makers started on what they need to know to make secure apps part of their facility’s future. While there is plenty of information out there on telehealth in general, there is a lack of resources available on telehealth and WebRTC video technology. This technology is crucial for healthcare decision-makers to understand as they explore HIPAA-compliant telehealth apps.”

Download Your Free Telehealth Whitepaper

Get the facts before leaping into the world of telehealth.

This whitepaper is your guide to buidling telemedicine apps with WebRTC video technology that are fully HIPAA compliant.

Face-to-face, no matter the place — Telehealth is bringing patients and providers closer than ever before. With quality-of-life improvements for both, it has the potential to revolutionize the way you provide care, while keeping you fully compliant.

This whitepaper gets you started on what you need to know to make secure apps part of your facility’s future.

Here’s another example of our WebRTC medical application development work. We designed and developed a telehealth solution for WellBeing Consult,  a WebRTC based solution for mental health professionals serving remote patients.

WellBeing Consult allows patients to speak with medical health professionals without having to visit them in person.  Founders Nick and Marty Brewster are from Australia, and they are launching this application initially to target an area that can benefit greatly from telemedicine: the Australian outback.  Patients can find a mental health professional who specializes in their particular needs and meet with them via remote video chat.  No longer will patients be restricted to professionals who are geographically convenient.  They can get the assistance they need from the most qualified professionals, regardless of location.

Other features :

  • Selection of professionals by speciality
  • Secure and encyrpted video chat
  • Protection of personal patient information
  • Invoicing and credit card payment
  • Session timers

Our team built the WellBeing application on top of TokBox’s WebRTC platform in order to produce a reliable tool for healthcare providers and patients alike.

Custom design

The team can design your telemedicine application from the ground up.  We start with process flows to understand the customer interaction, and then build wireframes to show the details of that interaction.  Our designer then combines that with your brand to build a beautiful and usable application that your customers will love.

WebRTC Expertise

Our team is up to date on the latest trends and changes in WebRTC video technology and video chat development.  We take our experience with communication frameworks like TokBox, Nexmo, and Agora, and apply that to build the best solution for your needs.

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