Broadcasting applications can benefit businesses in several industries. From sporting events and conferences to trainings and webinars (like WebRTC Live!), there are many use cases for broadcasting tools. Let’s take a look at a few.

Broadcasting and gaming applications

Many games and mobile apps utilize broadcasting to stream content to their users. Have you heard of HQ? Live games use WebRTC to stream content in real-time. In HQ’s case, WebRTC technology allows them to display video, trivia questions, and competition results to all of its users at the same time. Live apps like HQ need to broadcast to a large number of users with very little lag.

We recently shared a case study about our broadcasting work with SeeWin Technology. SeeWin needed a live game show application where players answer live trivia questions and interact and live stream with other players. Check it out!

An example of a broadcasting app that designed and built

Live event and sports broadcasting

Sports arenas, concert venues, and conferences can only hold so many so many people! Not everyone can make it to every event in person. Luckily, today’s technology can help with that. Teams, music artists, organizations, and venues live stream their events online to viewers all over the world. Broadcasting is also a great tool for webinars and company or community trainings!

A screenshot of a live event broadcasting application

The importance of interaction in streaming

We’ve seen the popularity of streaming services grow exponentially in recent years. So many of us use Netflix or Hulu to stream shows and movies when and where we want. Although those are great on-demand services, we think live event streaming should be interactive. That’s why we created Interactive Broadcast Solution.’ Interactive Broadcast Solution

We worked with TokBox to create Interactive Broadcast Solution, a broadcasting application that allows you to create events and broadcast them live to a large audience. A truly interactive tool, Interactive Broadcast Solution allows viewers to get in line and join the presenter and guest on stage. It’s customizable and can be embedded in a website or application or broadcast to other channels like Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Take a look!

A screenshot of Interative Broadcast Solution,’ interactive broadcasting application
A diagram of how Interactive Broadcast Solution works

Ready to get started?

We have an experienced team who will build your custom broadcasting tool the way you want it. With decades of software development experience, over 200,000 hours invested in building real-time applications, and global recognition as WebRTC experts, you can trust our team to create a solution that meets the unique needs of your business and use case. Contact us today!

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