Interactive Broadcasting

For hosting live events online, you need a secure and reliable broadcasting solution to share your content with viewers around the world. But why stop there? Take broadcasting to the next level by adding viewer interactivity so that your audience can communicate directly with your presenters while you maintain full control. That’s where we come in.

Using the best talent possible, builds innovative custom solutions that enable the communication of the future. We enrich and facilitate people’s lives with applications that better connect them with the world around them, no matter where they live.

Why WebRTC?

WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communications, which is a fancy way of saying live video and audio. We’re experts in using WebRTC technology to create custom and innovative video and voice applications for you and your team.

WebRTC is great for broadcasting because:

  • Its encryption and security protocols make it the most secure video and audio technology on the market. Your live events will be private, protected, and safe.
  • It’s browser-based, meaning that it doesn’t require users to download or install anything! Users join events with a secure link, making it quick and easy for your viewers to connect with your presenters.
  • It doesn’t require certain hardware — only a web browser, an internet or cellular connection, and their choice of desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • It’s supported by major browsers. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera all support WebRTC technology.

Interactive Broadcast Solution

We worked with Vonage (formerly TokBox) to create Interactive Broadcast Solution, a WebRTC broadcasting application that helps you stream your professional, educational, news, sports, and gaming content anywhere in the world and allows your audience to interact with your presenters. Viewers can request to join presenters on stage to ask questions or make comments, while you retain full control over each participant’s audio and video. 

You can embed Interactive Broadcast Solution into your website or another application and broadcast to Facebook Live and YouTube Live. It’s secure, reliable, and has been used by Fox Sports, Major League Baseball, and the National Hockey League to broadcast their weekly shows and interviews. It includes messaging, file-sharing, screen sharing, and recording, and you can hold multiple broadcasts at one time.

IBS Flow

Diagram showing the flow of an Interactive Broadcast Solution participant joins the presenters on screen

We’re experts at configuring Interactive Broadcast Solution, adding additional custom features to meet the needs of your use case, and building it into your unique solution. Let’s get started!

Custom Design is proud to create custom broadcasting solutions for all sorts of industries and use cases, and we can build a truly custom application for you from the ground up! We’ll listen to your needs and desired flow and show you frequent demonstrations of our development progress, keeping you involved every step of the way. Your broadcasting tool can include:

  • Your logo and branding
  • Messaging and file-sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Recording and storage
  • Moderation with camera, microphone, and volume control
  • Search, directory, and schedule of events
  • And more! Let us know what additional custom features we can incorporate to meet your needs.

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Let’s Get Started!

We’re ready to help your business reach its goals. With decades of experience in web application and software development, 200,000+ hours invested in building real-time applications, and global recognition as WebRTC experts, you can trust our experienced team to design, build, and deploy your custom broadcasting solution — just the way you want it.

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Truly Interactive Events

Webinars or live streaming video from an event are great, but Spotlight is for much more interactive events. In partnership with TokBox, we built an application for a sports network to have a host, athlete/celebrity, and their fans all interact together, live, using WebRTC.

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Connecting Fans and Celebrities

Our team of development experts built an application based on the TokBox WebRTC API which allows fans to “get in line” to speak with the celebrity. A backstage producer checks that the fan’s video/audio connection is strong, vets their questions, and then puts them live “on stage” with the host and celebrity!

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Contact us today to build your custom-designed live streaming application!

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