Here at, we’re big WebRTC fans! That’s because we see the benefits that WebRTC provides and the convenience it brings to companies in all sorts of industries.

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communications, which is a fancy way of saying live video and audio. When we talk about WebRTC, we’re talking about a technology that powers live video and audio applications. Let’s take a look at why WebRTC is an excellent choice for your live video and audio app.

The benefits of WebRTC

WebRTC has a long list of technical and practical benefits. Its open-source code allows anyone to use it. It works directly in the web browser, eliminating the need to download software and the possibility of confusing users along the way. Its media streams are secure and encrypted, making it an excellent option for video conferencing, telehealth, and company training. And it’s supported by most major browsers, so users typically don’t need to switch browsers or install plugins.

WebRTC use cases for various businesses

Video conferencing

One of the most popular and widely recognized uses for WebRTC is video conferencing. Video conferencing applications that utilize WebRTC are easy to use because they don’t require downloads or assistance from your IT team.

An individual using a live video appointment in a telehealth application to meet with her doctor from home


WebRTC’s excellent security makes it perfect for the healthcare industry. Live video and audio technology allow medical and mental health professionals to meet with their patients and clients remotely from the comfort and convenience of their own homes and offices. Remote appointments are great for medication check-ins and minor diagnoses, and telehealth is a fantastic solution to fill gaps in healthcare access.

Company training

Streamline your company’s onboarding process by offering training using a WebRTC application! This is a great option for all companies, especially those who train multiple employees at once or who hold trainings often.


A broadcasting application

Broadcasting is another popular use for WebRTC. You can easily live stream and broadcast sports events, conferences, company meetings, awards ceremonies, and more.

And more!

From user behavior analysis to call center support, WebRTC can come in handy in multiple different use cases. If you can think of a need for a live video and audio application, WebRTC can be its solution.

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