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Recording conversations and memories using video and audio

TheirStory‘s founder, Zack Ellis, knows that everyone has a story to share. While visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Zack watched a video of Anne Frank’s father, Otto, who explained that he never really knew who Anne was until he read her diary, despite their very close relationship. Because of this, he concluded that parents can never truly know their children.

This gave Zack an idea: Given the right story-capturing tools, parents and children can record and preserve their conversations to pass along to future generations.

TheirStory turned to us to develop their story-capturing application. We used WebRTC, React, Node.js, MongoDB, TokBox, SendGrid, Docker, Google Cloud, AWS, Heroku, and Agora.io to build TheirStory’s platform. Its features include live streaming, live video recording, video transcriptions, and asynchronous collaboration. With the help of our team, TheirStory is documenting conversations, relationships, and memories for generations to come.

TheirStory’s feedback about working with WebRTC.ventures

We spoke with Zack, Founder and CEO of TheirStory, to get his feedback on their experience with us. Zack mentioned that it was “tremendously helpful to have a dedicated project manager who helped with our initial scoping and management of our sprint.” He also enjoyed working with our developers, stating that they were “superb and very responsive.”

An image of the quote that Zack Ellis, TheirStory’s Founder and CEO, provided about working with our team

Zack gave us great ratings for both his experience working with us and our ability to solve pain points. Want to learn more? Click here to download TheirStory’s case study!

“I am grateful to have found WebRTC.ventures. They have been instrumental in the development of TheirStory. My only wish is that I found them sooner.”

Zack Ellis, Founder and CEO, TheirStory

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