We created free resources to familiarize you with WebRTC!

Are you new to WebRTC? Want to brush up on your WebRTC knowledge? Are you envisioning a video-based application but aren’t sure what kind of technology to use? Have you heard about the advantages of using WebRTC for telehealth?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you’ve come to the right place! With decades of web application and software development experience, more than 200,000 hours invested in building real-time applications, and global recognition as experts in WebRTC, we’ve created excellent free resources to help you better understand the technology that our team works with every day.

General WebRTC resources

Our WebRTC Basics eCourse guides you through the very basics of WebRTC. Featured topics include an overview of WebRTC, pros and cons of WebRTC, signaling, and WebRTC APIs. Click here to get our WebRTC Basics eCourse!

Our WebRTC Training & Tutorials eCourse features informational eBooks that teach you how WebRTC works and how to build a video conference application using WebRTC, Kurento media server, and TokBox. Click here to get our WebRTC Training & Tutorials eCourse!

Our Building Real Time Web Apps eBook guides you step-by-step through building a video conference application or webinar tool. You’ll learn how to set up a Node.js development environment, build the frontend using React, implement real-time messaging, and more. Click here to get our Building Real Time Web Apps eBook!

Telehealth-related WebRTC resources

Our HIPAA WebRTC Video in Telehealth eCourse teaches you about using WebRTC video technology for telehealth. You’ll learn about WebRTC, telehealth applications, telehealth security, architectural decisions, case studies, and the future of WebRTC in telehealth. Click here to get our HIPAA WebRTC Video in Telehealth eCourse!

Our HIPAA WebRTC Video and Telehealth Whitepaper explains the promise and challenges of building secure telehealth applications. It will get you started with what you need to know to make secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing applications part of your healthcare business’s future. Click here to get our HIPAA WebRTC Video and Telehealth Whitepaper!

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