In a previous post, we discussed reasons why you shouldn’t depend on Skype as your business’s video conferencing solution. To follow up on that, here are six benefits of integrating WebRTC into your video conferencing solution you choose for your business.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

WebRTC is an open-source project backed by some of the big names of the internet. When you rely on WebRTC for your product, you’re adopting a well- known and recognized technology. Some of the biggest organizations behind WebRTC are Google, Mozilla, and Opera.

Integration with your product

WebRTC is not a product by itself. Instead, it’s a building block you can combine with other building blocks to develop a final product.

WebRTC supplies the real-time communication capabilities of your product. It can also interact with the other components of the application. This creates the ability to pair video conferencing with other features like user schedules and call duration. This integration provides your users with a powerful platform for providing and receiving services, giving them an added value over using a third-party video conferencing tool.

Customization options available

A video conference solution built using WebRTC can be customized to include the tools your business needs. You can combine it with other libraries to incorporate things like:

  • Whiteboards, which can be used in online education
  • Integration with medical devices
  • Translation for a language learning application

No need for additional software

WebRTC is already included in and supported by all major browsers. It can also be bundled into native applications. This means that your users don’t need to install any additional software to use your services. They also aren’t limited to a single platform. Any device with a compatible browser, camera, and microphone can run a WebRTC-based video conferencing solution.

No strings attached

With WebRTC, your users only need to register on your product’s platform. They don’t need to create accounts in a third-party platform to use the services your product provides.

Security included

One of the most important things users look for in a product is security. If you want to increase your user base, you must be able to guarantee that their information is secure.

WebRTC encrypts all the data that it sends by default. Additionally, access to media devices is only granted through the HTTPS protocol, ensuring that only secure connections can communicate. Your users will feel safe using your platform, and you’ll be able to follow regulations that apply to your product.


WebRTC provides the real-time communication functionalities your video conferencing solution needs while also giving you total control of how it works. This allows you to provide your users with the best user experience, having all the features they want within the boundaries of your product.

Want to integrate WebRTC into your video conferencing solution?

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