Want to know more about the future of video in healthcare?

Telehealth is paving a new path for both patients and providers:

  • Follow-up appointments are easier and more likely to reduce hospital readmission rates.
  • Contacting specialty care providers becomes possible for remote patients.
  • Patient care quality increases with improved access to care providers.
  • Costs decrease for both provider and patient.
  • Overall quality of life improves.

This paper examines the inherent security advantages of a telehealth application based on WebRTC video technology. WebRTC.ventures can build applications that bring doctors and patients together face-to-face regardless of either’s location.

Facilities and providers can onboard this revolutionary technology while staying HIPAA-compliant and scalable for the future.

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Secure telehealth with WebRTC
is waiting.

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Telehealth apps using WebRTC video enable…


Video, audio, and screen share
capabilities connect
patients with doctors.

Data exchange

Patients can transfer data
to their doctors for
rapid, remote examination.


Provide exams, advice,
check-ups, and more while
still staying HIPAA-compliant.

…while all of the following stays protected.

Conversation content

Data exchanged and stored

Payment information

Administrative access

Face-to-face, no matter the place.

Telehealth is bringing patients and providers closer than ever before. With quality-of-life improvements for both, it has the potential to revolutionize the way you provide care, while keeping you fully compliant.

This whitepaper gets you started on what you need to know to make secure apps part of your facility’s future.

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