Lately, WebRTC is a hot topic. Apple announced its support of Web Real Time Communication P2P video and audio chat applications.  Google supports it. Many businesses are adding it to their communications platforms due to its many benefits – increased client engagement, client reach, and client retention; increased growth and revenue, maximized efficiencies and the list goes on and on.

You may even want to get started with WebRTC but you don’t know where to begin. That’s normal but we are here to help.

Here’s a WebRTC Tutorials List categorized by Basics, CPASS (Communications Platform As a Service), Signaling and Media Servers that will get you started.

WebRTC Basics

Scaledrone – This simple tutorial will teach you:

  • the basics of WebRTC
  • how to create a 1-on-1 video chat
  • how to use Scaledrone for signaling so that no server coding is needed

CodeLabs – This tutorial includes a WebRTC introduction, sample code and demos.

Tutorial’s Point – This tutorial is going to help all those developers who would like to learn how to build applications such as real-time advertising, multiplayer games, live broadcasting, e-learning, to name a few, where the action takes place in real time. Email Course– In this free email series, you will learn the basics of WebRTC, it’s advantages, disadvantages, and how to use it. Topics include:

  • WebRTC Basics
  • Advantages of WebRTC
  • Disadvantages of WebRTC
  • Signaling
  • Establishing a WebRTC call
  • DataChannels in WebRTC
  • Designing for WebRTC

Verto – Verto is a Freeswitch module for bridging WebRTC with the SIP world. In this tutorial, we’re going to learn by examples how to install, import and use verto jQuery library to create a basic video conference web application.

CPASS Tutorials

Tokbox This is a Step-by-step walkthroughs for building the components of your OpenTok real-time video application. After completing this basic tutorial, you can advance your knowledge with the following tutorials from Tokbox:

  • Archiving
  • Text-Chat
  • Custom Video Rendering
  • Custom Audio Driver
  • and more…

Twilio– This Node.js Express web application shows how you can use Twilio Client to make browser-to-phone and browser-to-browser calls.– presents us with the following educational video chat tutorials:

  • Generate Tokens
  • Build a Mobile Video Chat Application for iOS in Minutes
  • Build a Mobile Video Chat Application for Android in Minutes

Signaling– In this tutorial article, you will learn how to build a signaling service, and how to deal with the quirks of real-world connectivity by using STUN and TURN servers. We also explain how WebRTC apps can handle multi-party calls and interact with services such as VoIP and PSTN (aka telephones).

Media Servers

Kurento Tutorials– these tutorials show you how to use Kurento framework to build different types of WebRTC and multimedia applications.  Tutorials come in three flavors: Java, Browser JavaScript and Node.js.

Looking for more information?

We hope that these tutorials helped explain the basics of WebRTC, how to create an application and more.

Maybe you read the tutorials but still feel as though you don’t have the knowledge and/or time to develop your real time communication application.

Not a problem!

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