We are proud to announce the WebRTC Argentina mini-conference to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on June 15th 2016.  It is the first WebRTC conference of it’s kind in Argentina, and our team at WebRTC.ventures is a sponsor and organizer of the event.

You can learn more and register for this free event at:


The 3 hour mini-conference will be a series of short talks covering the basics of WebRTC as well as use cases and case studies of interest to more experienced users.  Our team at WebRTC.ventures will be leading most of the talks, but if you can attend and would like to present a project that you’ve worked on, we will be happy to have more local speakers!  Just contact me at arin@webrtc.ventures with your topic idea.

The event will be held at the Amérian Hotel in Buenos Aires, and we will also provide some light appetizers and drinks during the event so that you have a chance to network with others in Argentina who are interested in WebRTC.

In addition to WebRTC.ventures, and RealTimeWeekly, we’re also proud to have Twilio on board as a sponsor of the event!


All talks will be in English, although Q&A is welcome in Spanish.  We plan to record all talks and post to YouTube after the event.

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