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We can build a complete application (open source or CPaaS) for you independently or work side-by-side with your team to augment their capabilities. All of our team members speak English and most also speak Spanish.

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Telehealth Apps


No modern web or mobile application is complete without live video or chat. We have strong partnerships with all of the major CPaaS providers and are experts in integrating their communications APIs into existing platforms.

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Telehealth Apps


We offer standalone testing as well as testing built into development projects. We’ve got a complete QA team (and device lab) in Panama City, Panama ready to identify potential break points before users do. Manual, exploratory, automated, and load testing are all available.

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Telehealth Apps


Choosing a media server? Have latency issues? Need to scale? Get an expert's opinion! We can help guide your project to success through architecture and code assessments, as well as consulting work.

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Telehealth Apps


We provide complete DevOps and production management around client applications. We also offer Managed Services and Support Contracts for those who need production support help.

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We proudly partner with these companies in the WebRTC industry.

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WebRTC creates new opportunities for communication between businesses and customers, allowing for customers to contact a company "in context" of the application. Check out an example:

WebRTC is the future of communications

Your banking application can allow a customer to contact support -- and share screens and video -- directly from the page they're browsing.

Meet the Experts in WebRTC

The technology eliminates the identification process, simplifying everything for both you and the customer.

web application and software development

You can integrate video with your telephony system, call centers, mobile apps, and more for direct communication.

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