WebRTC.ventures recently partnered with Vidyo on a new research study highlighting key trends in embedded video adoption.

It was stated in Vidyo’s recent announcement post:

From large enterprises to SMBs and early-stage startups, organizations across many industries are leveraging embedded video to enhance collaboration and engagement. In healthcare, embedded video facilitates increased access to specialized care  for patients in remote locations. For banks or credit unions, embedded video is recreating  the in-branch experience for customers or members to remotely connect with expert consultants and complete complex transactions.


In the new report: The Rise of Embedded Video Communications: Trends in Video Enabled Apps, co-authored by WebRTC.ventures, Vidyo surveyed 166 developers, CIOs, CTOs from 48 countries from June to July 2017. The report highlights key trends in embedded video adoption, including how and why organizations embed video chat into their applications, and for which use cases.

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Want to learn more about the key trends in embedded video communications?

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  • Discover which industries are adopting embedded video communications
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