Many companies are now looking into adding cloud-based, CPaaS (Communication Platform As a Service) features to their websites these real-time communications capabilities include live video, voice and messaging.

Not only are companies looking to keep up with…and even beat out their competition by being innovative, but businesses realize that incorporating CPaaS into their website is a great way to set instant meetings and participate in contextual communications with your customers, partners or potential clients…. which may lead to increased sales, customer engagement and client retention.

So your company sees the benefit in adding CPaaS ✅

You have decided that YES, this is a technological initiative worth pursuing as the ROI is evident. ✅

Now you need to decide on which CPaas provider is good for your application. Good news is that you have many good choices!

Call us biased, but we have worked with both Tokbox and Vidyo and have been greatly pleased as their features met what we were looking for; however, you do have alternatives.

As an informed consumer, it is imperative that you do your research and decide on the platform that meets your needs.

Existing CPaas Provider Alternatives:  

Services/Features Mobile Desktop
(Native apps)
Web WebRTC based Plugin Needed Supported browsers Free layer Free trial
OpenTok Yes No Yes Yes Only for IE IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox No Yes
Vidyo Yes Yes Yes Partially No Chrome, Firefox (also IE/Safari with plugin) No Yes (first 4000 minutes free)
Twilio Yes No Yes Yes Not specified IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox No Yes
Temasys Yes No Yes Yes No IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox Yes Yes
Agora Yes Yes Yes Partially No Chrome, Firefox No (pay as you use) No
ShoreTelSummit Yes Yes Yes No Not specified Not specified Yes No
Kandy Yes No Yes Yes For IE and Safari IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox Not specified Not specified
OnSip Yes No Yes Yes Yes (for some integrations) Chrome, Firefox Yes (pay as you use) No

In the aforementioned chart we can see a comparative of the main features to help you make a decision. All of these services make use of an API that you can use on your website for enabling the real time communication service.

Do you need a real time communication implementation on your website or application? We can definitely help you.

We have an experienced team ready & happy to help you out Contact us today!


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