Here at webRTC.ventures, we like the quote “In the social age, knowledge is only powerful by sharing what you know” by Charlie-Helen Robinson.

So when Tsahi Levent-Levi  of  TestRTC asked us to work with him on testing how many sessions a Kurento server can hold, we were not only honored, but excited to help out.

In his blog post, Tsahi answers a common question “How Many Sessions Can a Kurento Server Hold“?.

He goes on to state

“You decided to self develop your own service. Manage your own media servers. And now that time comes to understand your ongoing costs as well as decide on the scale out scheme – at what point do you launch/spawn a new server to take up some of the load from your current media servers farm? How many users can you cram into a single media server anyway?

We decided to check just that, doing it with the help of WebRTC.ventures who worked with us on the setup.”

To get the answers to Tsahi’s questions and to read more of the post, click here.

We thank Tsahi for including us in this interesting analysis. Our team at webRTC.ventures not only has great experience working with Kurento, but we enjoy it!

In fact, you may remember our recent article, Kurento Recording Solutions Made Simple where we discussed an easier process to implementing and debugging Kurento recording solutions.

Have you been looking at implementing a Kurento solution?

We’d be happy to work with your team on Kurento analysis, development, or performance assessments, Contact us today!

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