How should WebRTC video be used in the public sector? Since government is ultimately a reflection of society, the use cases are similar to many others we have built at for our private sector clients. For example, we have integrated video into the contact center for sign language interpretation for both private and public sector clients. We have also built telehealth solutions for both the private and public sector, as well as group chat and interactive broadcasting solutions used by public agencies.

Video Update from AWS Summit

On June 7-8 2023, I attended the AWS Summit in Washington, DC to learn more about how AWS is being used in the US government and public sector. In this video update from the conference, I share a few insights about the conference, WebRTC use cases in government, and also plug a few upcoming events that our team at is affiliated with. You’ll also see some video showing the capabilities of our Amazon Chime SDK starter kit as well as our Telehealth starter kit, both of which can be licensed and customized to your unique needs in order to get your product to market faster.

AWS and the Public Sector

AWS Summits take place regularly in cities across the US and globally, and naturally this one in Washington DC is focused on government and the public sector. It’s not specifically about WebRTC or the Amazon Chime SDK for communications applications, but I wanted to attend as our team at are both APN members and Amazon Chime SDK System Integrators.

The topics most on display at this AWS summit were around things like scaling, resiliency, governance, and security. These are all topics that are important to any AWS client, and which the AWS cloud and GovCloud is particularly well suited for. They are especially important, however, to the government. It’s important that public services have very high availability, and often contain sensitive data that needs to be protected. 

Our experience with regulated development

At, we are used to dealing with those sort of complicated issues. Not only do many of our clients have similar concerns around how to scale their communications applications to a large user base, but many also have to comply with important security and privacy requirements like HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI compliance. For the government there are additional requirements to consider as well, such as FedRAMP, for which the Amazon Chime SDK has achieved FedRAMP High authorization.

The role of AI in WebRTC development

AI is the hot topic at most 2023 conferences. The AWS Summit in Washington, DC. was no exception. Given the large amount of data that the government has access to, it was no surprise to see AWS and attending vendors talk about using AI for threat detection and other security use cases. AI also brings with it concerns about biases built into the model, hallucinations that create erroneous answers, and privacy concerns. These aspects of AI and Large Language Models (LLM’s) also have to be carefully considered before applying them in the public sector.

AI and ML are also topics we discuss regularly at In particular, how they relate to communication applications and how AI can be used to go beyond simple video applications and build solutions that make our clients’ and their users’ lives easier.  For example, we recently held a joint webinar with Vonage and where we talked about using’s APIs to reduce post-call work for contact center agents.

Upcoming conferences

In our next episode of WebRTC Live, we’ll also speak with Saúl Ibarra Corretgé from 8×8 and the Jitsi project, about the future of Jitsi and JaaS (Jitsi as a Service). This conversation will include discussion of how they are integrating more with AI services. This is also a topic our team expects to talk more about when we participate in the upcoming TADSummit in Paris in October.

We’re here to help you with your WebRTC application!

There’s so much that can be built with WebRTC for both the public and private sector. If you’re considering building an application, or you need help scaling up and improving your existing communications application, contact our experts and we can apply our collective expertise to ensuring your application is a success – all the way from design and build to deployment and ongoing management!

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