Voice transcription refers to the process of converting spoken words into written text. Transcription solutions are in high demand in today’s world, where real-time audio and video have become a primary form of communication. It plays a crucial role in making these communications more inclusive, accessible, and efficient.

Transcription services have undergone a significant transformation with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. In this blog post, we will explore four reasons why upgrading your transcription solution with AI can revolutionize your workflow and deliver enhanced results for customer support, HR, sales, healthcare, and much more. 

#1: Real-Time Insights and Actionable Items (Multi-Channel!)

AI can extract real-time insights from conversations across various channels. AI algorithms generate summaries, identify key questions, and highlight actionable items on the fly. This empowers you to make prompt decisions and take immediate action during a conversation.

For example, in an online interview, the AI monitors the conversation and can recommend topics that haven’t been mentioned. These can be asked in real-time, or listed as action items for the next interviewer. 

#2: Organized Conversations for Easy Retrieval

AI-enabled transcription solutions offer automatic extraction and organization of conversations based on relevant topics. This feature simplifies the categorization and retrieval of conversation data, making it effortless to access specific discussions and track trends.

Telehealth is a specific field that comes to mind here. Whether it is the same (busy!) doctor or a new one on the call, any information previously provided by the patient – or recommended by another practitioner – is keyword searchable and readily available. 

#3: Comprehensive Conversation Analytics

AI-powered transcription enables robust conversation analytics capabilities. You can gain valuable insights into speaker interaction, engagement levels, and communication patterns. This deeper understanding of conversation dynamics allows for optimized communication strategies and collaboration.

Imagine a call center manager having all the sales or customer service conversations of each of their agents organized, searchable, and analyzed – ready when a problem occurs or it is time for an annual review? Priceless!

#4: Enhanced Productivity and Time Savings

By leveraging AI in your transcription process, you can significantly enhance productivity. AI-powered solutions automate time-consuming tasks like after-call notes and action items. This frees up valuable time for you and your team to focus on higher-value activities.

Late to your team meeting or missed it altogether? No problem! Catch up quickly with a live summary of action items, questions, and what has been said so far. And after the meeting, a summary is sent along with follow-up items.

Next Checklist Item: AI Integration Expertise

At WebRTC.ventures, we’re helping our clients go beyond building video and communications applications. We’re helping them to build intelligent communication solutions. 

There are many AI-powered solutions on the market today, from transcription to sentiment analysis to voice bots, and much more. Our expert WebRTC integration team can help you choose the right AI framework and integrate it into your application. Contact us today!

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