During a software development project, errors can appear in any stage of the life cycle. In many cases, those errors remain undiscovered until reaching critical environments. From this derives the importance of the implementation of QA testing from the earliest stages of the project.

As users, we are increasingly demanding and impatient with technology. We want our applications to work without any failures and with the highest possible speed. Applications that are slow or do not work well can generate a negative impact on users, inevitably causing loss of money, time, and an unwanted image for the development team. At WebRTC.ventures, we understand very well why timely, personalized testing is essential to ensure the highest quality of developments based on agile practices and industry testing standards.

The role of the testing team

Another important element—and surely the one that adds the most value—is having a team of suitable and highly qualified testers in charge of carrying out these tests.

Testers are the professionals in charge of ensuring the proper functioning of the application. Here at the WebRTC.ventures testing lab in Panama City, Panama, we have a very clear mission: to guarantee that all developments meet the established quality criteria and that the end user does not perceive any defect in the work carried out.

A well-deserved coffee break!

In fact, it is precisely the testing team that suggests most of the improvements implemented in a software product. It may not sound very comforting to know that there are people who spend 100% of their time finding mistakes in the work of others, but their work is absolutely indispensable. And, it is precisely what we do here. 

Types of Testing

Having said this, WebRTC.ventures offers two types of testing for basic software products. When video is involved, additional testing is often recommended.

Manual tests

Manual testing is the most basic of all types of testing and helps to find errors in the software system. Manual testing is the base of our testing pyramid at WebRTC.ventures. Any new application must be manually tested before it can be automated. Manual testing requires more effort but is necessary to verify the feasibility of automation.

The main objective is to verify the design is as expected. But manual testing also ensures appropriate functionality and performance of the application or website’s user interface by interacting on the available elements. We also try to corrupt or break it to see if there are any blind spots that can be considered as a vulnerability. That part can be a lot of fun!

Our QA testers have access to a lab of different mobile devices, peripherals, and computers so that they can test applications in a variety of different browsers and operating systems. In manual testing, we use tools such as BrowserStack for browser compatibility testing and TestLink for keeping track of testing findings and generating testing reports of the projects.

Automated tests

As part of our value proposition, we also provide automated software testing services. In software testing, when we refer to automate, we mean that the tests that are carried out manually can be executed unattended (without the intervention of a QA tester) by means of a tool that performs the process automatically. This is important in larger projects where manual testing can become too labor intensive.

To carry out automated tests, it is necessary to create test scripts that will later be entered into a testing automation tool. Our testers use tools such as Selenium and PostMan to perform API automated tests while working on testing video application projects. If you want to learn more about automated testing for WebRTC, we invite you to watch our 52nd episode of WebRTC Live where one of our specialists goes into a deep dive around this topic.

Trust the specialists

As we can see, performing relevant tests is the key to successful development. This, in turn, will have a direct impact on the results that a company can produce. I am looking forward to further exploring this topic in my next post.

At WebRTC.ventures, we attach great importance to software testing in our development work and for our testing-only clients. Ensuring good quality in everything we do is part of our idiosyncrasy as specialists. Our testers play a fundamental role in our work. If you are interested in knowing more about what our testing services can offer to your business, contact us today!

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