Just a few years ago, many of the people knocking on our door at WebRTC.ventures were startups, really just exploring ideas around live video applications. We are now seeing a much more mature client base wanting production-ready apps and wanting to scale those applications as large as possible. Automated testing, or the use of software to validate your application behavior, is now more important than ever. As we’ve said before, the only thing harder than building a WebRTC application is testing it!

For our 52nd episode of WebRTC Live recorded on March 17, 2021, Arin invited our own WebRTC.ventures senior engineer Justin Williams, to discuss building automated testing around your WebRTC video application. Justin is a valuable member of our growing testing team where he is helping to define the architecture of how we test video apps at WebRTC.ventures.

As maintaining quality and performance is very difficult to do as your application complexity increases and requirements change, Justin began by reminding us how important it is to test all applications. He spoke about the benefits and types of automated testing (unit tests, integration tests, and load testing) and then moved onto continuous integration and continuous deployment and the unique challenges of applying those concepts to WebRTC video applications. Verifying WebRTC tests and testing call quality are also discussed. Finally, he demonstrates a simple automated test and talks about how you can extend that concept to more complicated testing scenarios. 

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