Now that WebRTC 1.0 is here, what comes next? On February 17, 2021, produced our 51st episode of WebRTC Live. Arin was joined by Microsoft Principal Architect and W3C WebRTC Co-Chair, Bernard Aboba. They discussed what is coming down the pipe in WebRTC-NV.

This content built upon the conversation Arin had last month with Tsahi Levent-Levi on WebRTC Live Episode 50: WebRTC Trends for 2021. And also on this in-depth Q&A that Bernard did with Chad Hart on webrtcH4cKS last December.

We’ve replicated much of the information from the presentation slides below for ease of assessing all of the helpful links that Bernard provided. Come back after watching the episode!

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Automated Testing for WebRTC

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What Does the W3C WebRTC WG Work On?

  1. WebRTC Peer Connection (WebRTC-PC) now published as a Recommendation.
    a. Related specifications such as WebRTC-Stats and WebRTC-Priority.
  2. Capture, Streams and Output-related specifications, including:
    a. Media Capture and Streams (recycled at CR)
    b. Screen Capture
    c. Media Capture from DOM Elements
    d. MediaStream Image Capture
    e. MediaStream Recording
    f. Audio Output Devices
    g. Content-Hints
  3. WebRTC-NV, the “Next Version” of WebRTC.
    a. This is what comes after the 1.0 specification.
    b. It involves work on multiple specifications, not just a single document.
    c. The use cases motivating this work are described in WebRTC-NV Use Cases.

WebRTC-NV Use Cases

Existing Use Cases

New Use Cases

What Work Might Be Considered Part of WebRTC-NV?

Extensions to WebRTC PeerConnection, such as:

Extensions relating to Capture, such as:

Standalone specifications, not related to PeerConnection or Capture, such as:

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