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Broadcasting and live streaming for gaming and interaction

SeeWin Technology wanted to create a low latency live streaming video game solution for web and mobile. They turned to our team for help with designing and building:

  • A live streaming platform
  • A web-based video monitoring and game control platform
  • An iOS mobile app that combines live video streaming with gaming functionality
  • Scalable media server infrastructure
A screenshot of SeeWin’s gaming application

We designed and built a responsive web application with a customized look and feel, secure authentication, and backend API. We used Node.js, Angular.js, Swift, Red5, TokBox, Playfab, and AWS.

We built SeeWin’s application in AWS and incorporated the necessary infrastructure, including domain names, load balancers, cloud storage resources, and the systems in place for continuous integration and deployment.

We also built an iOS app to connect with the web application so that users can play on web or mobile!

We completed this development work in three phases:

  1. Developed our proof of concept—to provide an interactive broadcasting solution for sports events
  2. Built and improved the gaming functionality with a live quiz game and other features to control players
  3. Built the iOS app and polished the web app based on gathered feedback and scalability

The solution

Thanks to the WebRTC.ventures team’s hard work, SeeWin Technology now has a live game show app where users can win real cash prizes for free. The administrator can generate questions for a trivia game, and those questions are sent to the players live. In the final rounds, players can join rooms where they can interact with other players, live stream to each other, and appear in the final round for all the viewers.

SeeWin Technology’s live streaming web application

SeeWin’s feedback about working with WebRTC.ventures

Jimmy Zalcman, Founder of SeeWin Technology, gave us a 3 out of 3 for both his experience and how knowledgeable we were in solving his pain points! Want to learn more? Click here to download SeeWin Technology’s case study!

SeeWin Technology’s stellar feedback on their experience with WebRTC.ventures
and how knowledgeable our team was in solving their pain points

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