Like all employers, our team at is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely. Fortunately, our team already works remotely in most cases, and we work remotely with most of our clients. But through our work in telehealth, we are also very attuned to the benefits of providing remote medical care whenever possible.

We’ve recently launched our SaaS telehealth platform SimplyDoc as an extension of our work in telehealth, and the coronavirus is only making that work more important. On SimplyDoc’s blog, we posted about how emergency funding just passed by the US Congress will make it easier to conduct telehealth visits under Medicare. This is an important change that I hope outlasts the spread of the coronavirus.

Whether it’s this public health crisis or one in the future, your healthcare organization should be considering contingency plans that utilize patient-focused telehealth. Our team at SimplyDoc can set you up with a SaaS-based solution for any size medical clinic or mental health practice, or we can build you a completely custom solution for you here at Contact our team today for more information.

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