It’s important to consider the full scope of functionality that you want your telehealth application to implement. The must have features in telehealth applications differ based on how you want your application to function.

Building it in multiple stages is usually the preferred method to control costs and reduct the implementation timeline, but it’s still a good idea to consider everything you’ll want in the application eventually.

Here are the most common features our clients ask for in telehealth applications :

  • 1-1 video with the patient
  • Ability to optionally record the video session
  • Text chat
  • File transfer
  • Payment integration for credit cards, or via an API to other payment systems
  • Capture still images from videos for saying with the patient files
  • SMS notification of upcoming calls
  • Calendar integration to schedule appointments with the care provider Virtual waiting rooms
  • Integration with Electronic Medical Records systems for storage of images, files, notes from the consultation
  • Adding 3rd parties to the call (other family members in different locations or a remote expert)
  • Integration of other data streams into the call from local medical devices
  • Additional video streams for local exam cameras

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To find out more about common webRTC use cases and how webRTC can be used further to develop telehealth click here.

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