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The more we talk with companies, the more we’ve been hearing similar concerns. Seems that recently, companies are super focused on improving connection time, reducing error rates, and improving call and video quality. Do you struggle with the same challenge in your applications? Maybe you need an expert 2nd set of eyes to look at your app and perform a “health check” web assessment?

We have built applications for a wide range of industries including telehealth, broadcasting, collaboration tools, social, online education, and more. We’ve also built apps on top of open source WebRTC libraries as well as Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) tools like Tokbox, Vidyo, etc.

We can bring our wealth of experience to bear on improving your app. From these deep experiences, we can perform an assessment of your WebRTC application and help improve the performance or user experience!

How it works:

  • Let us know about any particular problems you are encountering
  • Intro call with your technical team where you give us a walkthrough of your code, analytics, error logs, and discuss any problem areas
  • Our team then does a deep dive on your code to look for best practices and possible causes of any problems you’re seeing
  • We provide an actionable report that combines best practices with specific recommendations for your scenario
  • Follow up call with your technical team to discuss our recommendations
  • Additional consulting support as-needed

We recently performed an assessment for UpWork, the premiere freelancing platform, and helped them reduce WebRTC error rates by 70% on the video calls performed on their job platform!

Does your web application need a web assessment?

For more information on our assessment or custom development services, contact us! We’d be happy to help.

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