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WebRTC creates new opportunities for communication between businesses and customers, allowing for customers to contact a company "in context" of the application. Check out an example:

Your banking application can allow a customer to contact support -- and share screens and video -- directly from the page they're browsing.

The technology eliminates the identification process, simplifying everything for both you and the customer.

You can integrate video with your telephony system, call centers, mobile apps, and more for direct communication.

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Web & Mobile Apps

Every strong communication tool must consider web and mobile applications -- for both iOS and Android devices. WebRTC brings encrypted video chat, audio processing, text chat, screen sharing, and mobile support together to work for all users.

Regardless of device, WebRTC smoothly transitions from browser use to mobile use to amplify your engagement.

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Medical Apps

The healthcare industry has its own unique set of needs for communications applications, and we are the experts in building encrypted and compliant real-time technologies for medical providers. As telehealth takes off, your business needs peer-to-peer data exchange, file transfer, and secure transmission of all video and audio.

We'll build your user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant apps -- designed with the patient in mind.

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Broadcasting Apps

Live streaming is central to event broadcasting and creating a genuinely interactive experience for viewers and customers. We use PubNub real-time messaging, TokBox, Twilio Video/SMS, and more to help you deliver where it counts.

Deploy the highest-quality online broadcasting application so you can maximize your audience reach.

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Our Recent Work

Wellbeing was looking for a medical app with private, encrypted video chats, billing and credit card processing. We used TokBox to create a secure video chat application that connects counselors and their patients. Wellbeing is one of the first telehealth apps for the Australian market.

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There is nothing more humbling than seeing how users actually try to use your application! Usabili.me allows product researchers to connect with their customers via screensharing, video conferencing, synchronized note taking and recording.

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We worked directly with ToxBox to create Spotlight: a live streaming tool for hosts to stream video chats to a large audience of live viewers. Spotlight enables Q&A with viewers coordinated by the "backstage" producer area, and audience participation via third video streams. It is now actively in use by TV networks in the U.S.

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