The Amazon Chime SDK emerges as a compelling alternative to Twilio Programmable Video, offering a comprehensive suite of features and a secure, scalable infrastructure that supports customized WebRTC video, audio, and chat solutions that cater to the dynamic demands of many industries. In telehealth and edtech where video communication is vital infrastructure, the Amazon Chime SDK provides a reliable and feature-rich alternative to the Twilio Video SDK. 

While prompted by the discontinuation of support for the Twilio platform, moving to a new provider presents an opportunity to reassess your video communication needs. Forward-thinking companies will view this transition as not just about finding a replacement, but seizing the chance to enhance and future-proof video communication services in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. is one of the few software development agencies in the world dedicated to real-time video, audio, and chat applications. As a System Integration Partner for the Amazon Chime SDK and an official AWS Partner, we’ve prepared a detailed Twilio Video to Amazon Chime SDK Migration Guide for Telehealth and EdTech Solutions to arm you with important information for navigating this important decision, including product and price comparisons, important terminology, and more.

Systems Integration Partner for the Amazon Chime SDK

This free guide includes:

  1. Why was Twilio Video so popular among telehealth and edtech providers?
  2. Why the Amazon Chime SDK is a fitting successor to Twilio Programmable Video
  3. Twilio Video – Amazon Chime SDK Product Comparison
  4. Twilio Video – Amazon Chime SDK Pricing Comparison
  5. A detailed migration process for moving from Twilio Video to the Amazon Chime SDK, including important terminology that differs between the solutions
  6. An ideal migration plan

Request the Twilio Video to Amazon Chime SDK Migration Guide for Telehealth and EdTech Solutions:

For more resources, visit our full Migrating From Twilio Video page.

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