WebRTC.ventures is proud to announce that we are now a System Integration Partner for the Amazon Chime SDK and offer our services in the Amazon Marketplace.

The Amazon Chime SDK and Amazon Chime Voice Connector allow you to build intelligent communication workloads which are based on the WebRTC standard for video and run on top of the world class AWS global network. 

We are proud to take our experience building live video applications since 2015 and apply that to the unique needs and global scale of clients using the Amazon Chime SDK.

Why choose the Amazon Chime SDK?

  • Global reach with 18 available AWS regions for VoIP audio and video
  • Security and compliance hosting including HIPAA, SOC, and FedRAMP
  • Native integration with other AI/ML services on AWS like Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Transcribe
  • Scalability and performance of the AWS cloud meets the needs of the most demanding applications
  • High quality and very flexible video and communications APIs, completely customizable user experience

Why choose WebRTC.ventures for your Amazon Chime SDK project?

WebRTC.ventures is one of the few software development agencies in the world dedicated to WebRTC integration and development. This dedication and experience is why so many people trust us to help bring their live video application dreams to life.

We’re huge fans of the Amazon Chime SDK. It offers the power and capabilities of many lower level solutions, while still allowing the abstraction and built-in media server infrastructure of the simpler CPaaS solutions. This is very powerful for a wide range of use cases from live video startups with plans to scale dramatically, to larger enterprises like call centers that want to ensure a globally scalable and reliable infrastructure.

When you are ready to build a powerful application with real-time voice, video, and messaging that scales right away, there’s no better combination than the expert team at WebRTC.Ventures and the Amazon Chime SDK. We can help you build, deploy, and scale your Amazon Chime SDK application, and we offer our Professional Services in the Amazon Marketplace.

We can even offer managed services and hosting. Fill out our web form or email team@webrtc.ventures to tell us more about your project.

Coming soon! Our Amazon Chime SDK Starter Kit

We’ve taken our experience in WebRTC and the Amazon Chime SDK and created a Starter Kit with 80% of the features that most clients need. We’ll customize whatever else you need! Soon to be available in the AWS Marketplace, but you can get early access by emailing us at team@webrtc.ventures.


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