Feb 2024 Team Talk

Here’s February 2024’s Team Talk, where we ask our dynamic team of WebRTC developers, designers, testers, DevOps experts, and project leads to share some of the impactful work they did in the past month.

Here’s a short list of some that might interest you — at least the ones we can talk about!

  • Assessed the best CPaaS to use to replace Twilio Video SDK based on pricing, ease of use, and a use case which requires server-side media stream real-time processing
  • Migrated a functionality based on a CPaaS provider feature to an open standard
  • Implemented a recording feature for meetings where mixed audio is sent to a local service and then uploaded into a configurable 3rd party blob storage. 
  • Released a feature for an edtech application that allows a user to access multiple certifications using a single token
  • Worked on adding a static IP address to an on-premise Kubernetes service for integration with a recording service in Kurento
  • Researched implementing a post-call analysis pipeline for a contact center application using Amazon Bedrock & Amazon Transcribe
  • Optimized legacy code resulting in a reduction in processing time from 8 hours to under 10 minutes
  • Leveraged AI to add Brazilian Portuguese translations to an application
  • Created a new component that can be reused and adapted in order to reduce the work required to implement new features
  • Configured a self-hosted docker-registry script for cleanup of old images. The server has both the CI/CD runner and the registry so it required a forced cleanup of the images left after each pipeline ran.
  • Dusting off my C# & .NET skills and trying out .NET Core functionalities for a new project
  • Worked on a blog post about our prompt engineering process for an AI-powered WebRTC application 
  • Playing with UI/UX design using Figma variables to streamline front-end development 
  • As an intern, I am learning about automated tests for mobile apps

At WebRTC.ventures, we’re always striving to improve our set of abilities in order to deliver the best possible real-time video and audio solutions, and to be your partner whether you need an assessment of your product or assistance with building, integrating, testing, and managing it.

If you or anyone in your team is facing challenges building real-time communication applications, our team loves to find and solve any kind of problem. Contact us and let us know how we can help!

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