WebRTC.ventures is excited to announce our official status as a trusted Symbl.ai Product Partner. Building on a series of successful collaborations, we look forward to continuing to work with the Symbl team to develop real-time video, audio, and data communication solutions driven by Symbl.ai’s powerful generative AI for comprehensive conversation insights.

Transform multi-party video and audio conversations into knowledge and actionable insights.

At WebRTC.ventures, we’re helping our clients go beyond simple video, audio, and chat applications. We’re helping them to build intelligent communications applications that can not only facilitate conversations, but also process them to generate intelligence for a host of use cases including customer service, sales and business opportunities, coaching and performance, product and service improvement, risk analysis, and much more. 

Symbl.ai can power communications applications with language understanding and GenAI capabilities, including:

  • Trackers: Trackers utilize a zero shot learning, open domain architecture, and built with context and semantic similarity recognition to track all key insight occurrences in unstructured conversation data generated in real-time or asynchronously.
  • Summarization: Extract clear and concise summaries of conversations immediately after a call across any channel with high accuracy and effectiveness, with customizable summary formats
  • Call scores: Obtain numerical assessment and concise feedback on a conversation to evaluate conversation quality and participant performance at scale.
  • Insights UI: Pre-built and embeddable interface that displays call scores, sentiments, summary, and other conversation intelligence.

Featured Story of Success: Audio Listening Device to Improve Surgical Outcomes

Remote monitoring of surgeries is a technological advancement in the world of medicine that provides a multitude of benefits. It protects the patient, surgeon, and healthcare facility by monitoring compliance with defined best practices.

We recently built a branded, cutting edge WebRTC audio application powered by the Amazon Chime SDK designed to track and surface key moments in surgical procedures, partnering with Symbl.ai to provide real-time transcription and conversational insights. Read all about it.  

Start building better customer experiences and more efficient processes in your communication applications today with Symbl.ai and WebRTC.ventures

We can integrate Symbl.ai’s Conversational Intelligence Solutions into your existing application or build one for you. Contact WebRTC.ventures today!

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