On June 21, 2023, Arin Sime welcomed Saúl Ibarra Corretgé, Principal Software Engineer at 8×8, open source and RTC pundit, and self-appointed Chief Jitsi Evangelist to the show. Saúl joined live from CommCon 2023!

2023 marks two milestones for the comprehensive open source meeting platform we now know as Jitsi. It was born twenty years ago when French University student Emil Ivov created SIP Communicator. It became WebRTC-compatible ten years ago. Another step in its evolution was three years ago, when 8×8 launched Jitsi as a Service (JaaS) into the growing CPaaS market. What’s next for Jitsi and JaaS?

After a quick introduction to Jitsi and Jitsi and a Service (JaaS), Saúl shared:

What’s new and what’s coming in Jitsi

  • Quality and screen-sharing improvements
  • AV1 support
  • Support for 10K participants
  • React Native SDK almost ready

What’s new and what’s coming in JaaS

  • More APIs!
  • Components: PSTN dial-in
  • Hybrid cloud model
    • Your frontend, JaaS backend
    • E2EE on by default
    • JaaS has no access to any keys

AI: Welcoming the robots to Jitsi

  • Ability to AI-enhance meetings
    • Core features like meeting summarization and action items
    • Bots framework to provide extra features as AI participants

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