ClueCon is an annual technology conference hosted by the team behind the FreeSWITCH open source project. Its primary focus is to gather various open source projects to discuss VoIP, open source software and hardware, telecommunications, WebRTC, and IoT. 

ClueCon Weekly is a podcast and interview series on YouTube where SignalWire’s Luca Pradovera interviews more industry experts such as those who speak at ClueCon.

In consecutive weeks in February 2023, Luca welcomed our CEO and Founder, Arin Sime and our CTO, Alberto Gonzalez to the show. 

Arin’s episode touched on:

  • Introducing, our custom design and development agency focused on building live video applications, founded in 2010 as AgilityFeat from which branched off in 2015. provides full services around video applications including design, testing, and managed services for a variety of industries.
  • The importance of repeatable work as WebRTC development work matured from prototypes to production-ready, scalable applications. 
  • The importance of matching tech stacks to what the client can use. Also the ability to use a variety of open source and commercial CPaaS media servers to meet the client needs, including Janus, Jitsi, Pion, MediaSoup, LiveKit, and FreeSwitch.
  •’ typical customers: 1) a “start–up” or larger company behaving as a startup who needs a prototype, for which we provide a complete project development team, including UI/UX design, architecture. 2) staff augmentation work: lending WebRTC expertise to add video into an existing application like a call center, corporate collaboration tool, or healthcare app. 
  • Examples of video integration clients include PlatformQ, which builds digital engagement solutions for health and education, and another that engaged to help build video into an existing chat solution used for high value, one-to-one sales.
  • Trends in WebRTC and real-time communication, including integrations with AI and machine learning into video using tools like, AWS Rekognition, Vonage AI Studio; functional solutions like Daily Prebuilt which allow experimentation without a large investment; synthetic voice technologies providing sophisticated digital assistance; and of course, ChatGPT 
  • WebRTC Live, Arin’s monthly video podcast 

Watch Arin’s Episode!

Alberto’s episode touched on:

  • Some of more “standard” projects such as call center applications with embedded video, added analytics on transcriptions, keyword detection, and that integrate WebRTC with SIP. And more “specialty” projects like interactive livestreaming apps with the ability for the audience to participate in quizzes (for example on a baseball jumbotron)
  • Challenges scaling WebRTC applications, especially with open source applications that do not traditionally have clustering functionality
  • Our favorite tech stack and tools for WebRTC development: React, Node.js and tools like tcpdump, webrtc-internals and Wireshark.
  • Testing frameworks for load and interoperability testing; SaaS platforms such as TestRTC and Loadero; automation testing with, Puppeteer
  • Infrastructure tools such as Kubernetes and Terraform
  • The annual IEEE Real Time Communications Conference & Expo at Illinois Tech Conference, where Alberto chairs the WebRTC & Real-Time Applications
  • Next-up challenges for WebRTC, including supporting super large audiences with low latency and protocols such as WHIP, more about it here: Playing with WHIP for WebRTC Ingestion in Broadcasting –, to simplify broadcasting.

Watch Alberto’s Episode!

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