WebRTC.ventures is pleased to announce the promotion of Hector Zelaya to WebRTC Developer Advocate. This is a brand new position within the company, which specializes in building and integrating real-time communication into web and mobile applications for a global clientele.

As WebRTC Developer Advocate, Hector will be a technical community builder to educate potential clients and our internal team about the basics and best practices in WebRTC application development. The role is similar to Developer Advocates that SaaS companies employ around their platforms, but in this case promoting live video application development using a variety of techniques and applications.’

“I’m so happy to see Hector take on this role at WebRTC.ventures,” noted CEO and Founder Arin Sime. “He has been a leader in our team for a long time and has always shown a strong interest in helping others and sharing his knowledge. His work will help developers to better understand the challenges and benefits of various WebRTC architectures, as well as to help our future clients to get to know our team and skills better before they work with us.”

About Hector

Hector has been with WebRTC.ventures since 2016 as a software engineer specializing in DevOps. During his nearly six year tenure, he has worked across many, many WebRTC projects – implementing best practices and following Agile and DevOps cultural guidelines. He has also been creating technical content for WebRTC training and marketing for some time. This includes the WebRTC and VoIP WebRTC.Ventures course on YouTube and numerous blog posts, including recent ones on Automatic Configuration for WebRTC, WebRTC Browser Compatibility, and WebRTC Mesh Architecture. His writing has also been featured on the website of our partners, including Vonage and Twilio.

Hector and his daughter, Erika

In his spare time, Hector is a happy husband, proud father, hobbyist musician, and avid gamer.

About WebRTC.ventures

WebRTC.ventures is a boutique custom software development company specializing in real-time communications. Our growing team of more than 40 developers, designers, testers, DevOps, and project leads has deep expertise connecting users via WebRTC video for a variety of use cases including telehealth, broadcasting, video conferencing, call centers, banking, and much more. We can build a complete application for you independently or work side-by-side with your team to augment their capabilities. Visit webrtc.ventures to learn more about how we can help you build your dream video application or integrate video into your existing application.

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