WebRTC.ventures CEO/Founder Arin Sime and CTO Alberto Gonzalez will team up at TADSummit EMEA Americas 2021 for a presentation entitled, “How to Architect Your WebRTC Application.” This year, TADSummit will be another virtual event with a mixture of live and pre-recorded sessions in November and into December. Click here for the still-evolving agenda.

There is no “one size fits all” application architecture for live video applications using WebRTC. The options vary widely based on your use case and choices between commercial and open-source options for back end services. Arin and Alberto will discuss architectural considerations and typical use cases based on our team’s experiences working with a wide range of clients.

The presentation will cover:

  • Why it’s not easy to build with WebRTC
  • Building to the WebRTC Standard
  • Open Source Media Servers
  • CPaaS Communications Platforms
  • WebRTC Scaling Challenges and how SFUs and MCUs can help
  • Use Cases: A Standard 1-1 Video Chat Application, A Group Chat Video Application, Live Interactive Broadcasting, and Contact Centers
  • Implementation Tips

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