Working with WebRTC is in some ways a bit easier than it was a few years ago. In other ways, it has become more complex. Because WebRTC is being used in a larger variety of use cases with different needs and concerns and also at a larger scale than ever before, it helps to have a partner with a lot of experience. 

That’s where we can come in play. is a custom design agency that specializes in building live video applications. We’re one of the few agencies in the world dedicated to WebRTC development. This dedication and experience is why so many people trust us to help bring live video application dreams to life.

You can watch this and other tips from our engineering team as part of our WebRTC Tips YouTube video series. Or, read on. 

Love at first sight

I was introduced to WebRTC for the first time in a Google presentation at an HTML5 event in 2013. Our company, then known as AgilityFeat, had been building a lot of applications with real time data exchange. I was excited to see what was coming next in real time applications. When I heard about WebRTC, I thought, “This is amazing! This is super cool. This is the future of the Internet.” 

This has certainly been the case. It has helped tremendously that bandwidth has gone up and that more people in more parts of the world have access to high speed internet. Of course, no one could have expected a global pandemic that would force so many businesses and social activities to go online. What a gift it was to have the WebRTC standard at this terrible time. (More about this in our Virtual Events in the Pandemic Blog Series.)

So much has changed since we started this company. But one thing that hasn’t: we still get excited at all the interesting ways in which our clients and colleagues apply live video applications to their businesses. That is the niche that we wanted to which we wanted to dedicate ourselves. And we have!

Our team at

  • Founded in 2010
  • 60+ team members; 30 dedicated to video
  • Main HQ in Charlottesville, VA
  • Testing/QA HQ in Panama City, Panama
  • Working virtually around North and South America (so we can work together in a very collaborative, agile fashion) for clients globally. 
  • Mix of web/mobile developers, DevOps, UX/UI design, QA/testing, and project leads

Our tech stacks, primarily open source

  • React
  • NodeJS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Hosting on Amazon Web Service (or Azure, if you prefer)
  • Android and iOS (native or through the browser since WebRTC is supported on the default browsers in Android and iOS)

We work with these WebRTC platforms, and more

If you know what technical stack you need, or even if you don’t know yet and need someone to advise you, we can help!

We can provide any team role you need

  • Web/Mobile Development
  • UX/UX Visual Design
  • Project Lead/Scrum Master
  • QA / Testing
  • DevOps
  • Production Support

My background is as a developer myself. What I’ve always loved is that moment when you take somebody’s idea and show it to them for the first time. They see that reality and see it’s going to work. That is what motivates me as an engineer and what motivates me as the CEO and Founder of 

We’d love to hear more about your use case and the application you want to build. We’re happy to bring our live video experience to bear on your ideas and help you bring your application live. Contact us today!

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