Our team has built countless WebRTC applications over the years. We’ve integrated live video and audio for a variety of industries, use cases, and using different WebRTC communication platforms and libraries. We work closely with the teams at Vonage, Agora, Twilio, Janus, Jitsi (8×8) and others. 

Many take advantage of this deep expertise by contracting with us for our WebRTC development services or for our WebRTC testing services. However, another very popular request we get is to do application assessments, code reviews, and other consulting work. 

As WebRTC experts, we can help guide your team to success in a number of ways:

Choosing the right architecture for your use case. 

For example, helping to decide between a Native, Open Source or CPaaS solution. 

Understanding the broader WebRTC technical domain

And answering questions like: 

  • How could we reduce latency? 
  • How could we improve quality?
  • I have this X bug in our WebRTC app. How could we solve it? 
  • How many participants could we support with this X architecture?
  • What features are possible? How long those features take? 

Confirming assumptions

For example, about WebRTC support in specific browsers or WebRTC security. 

Reviewing your code 

We can make sure it is following best practices.

A typical assessment 

One or more of our Senior WebRTC engineers will hold several meetings with you to understand your system, the challenges you face, and in what areas you need help. After that, in the last meeting, we will present a set of recommendations.

Meeting #1

The client will demo their application and do a technical walkthrough for us, highlighting the issue(s) at hand. 

Meeting #2

Typically one week later, this meeting is mainly for us to ask questions and to loosely discuss our findings. 

Meeting #3

Based on what we learned in our research, code reviews, and in our initial meetings with you, we will make a final presentation from our team on our recommended solution with actionable suggestions.   

It is important to note that we will need access to your code and any architectural documentation to be successful. The more you share and let us be part of your team, the better results you will get in an assessment. We are happy to sign an NDA to ensure confidentiality. 

What comes next?

Many assessment clients continue working with our team either on an hourly basis, or by contracting with us for a larger development engagement. Certainly, this is not required. However, the trust and familiarity built during an assessment or consulting project often turns into a bridge to a longer, very satisfying team relationship. 

An Assessment Success Example

“We were eager to increase the adoption of our video calling feature. In order to ensure that our users got the best possible experience in terms of reliability and quality, we wanted to get some outside validation from people who were real experts in webRTC. 

The WebRTC.ventures team was instrumental in helping us take our video calling solution to the next level in terms of reliability and overall quality of the experience. They were able to quickly offer us actionable suggestions that have improved our code … The team’s great expertise in webRTC meant that they were able to very quickly find the spots where we could improve. 

Ever since embarking on this initiative to improve our video calls, we have reduced the error rates our users get to about a third of what they were when we launched the feature. WebRTC.ventures helped us achieve this great result.” 

– Fernando Vaz, Upwork Product Manager 

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