IIT Real Time Communications 2020: WebRTC Track Talks

For the second year running, our CEO and Founder, Arin Sime, curated the WebRTC track of the Real Time Communications Conference at the Illinois Institute of Technology. We were also proud to be a sponsor. The IIT RTC annual conference is a globally recognized collaborative event where industry and academia connect. It brings together software developers, network engineers, entrepreneurs, business executives, students, and academic educators and researchers to promote an open exchange of ideas to lead future development in the rapidly changing field of real-time communications. Over the years, the WebRTC.ventures team have been IIT Real Time Communications Conference attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and hackathon winners.

Since it is 2020, the conference was of course virtual. HopIn was chosen as the online platform and it worked extremely well in engaging speakers and participants in a mix of talks, panels, and large- and small group discussions, using the methods that Real Time Communications provide. (You can read Arin’s take on Virtual Conferences and Networking in the Pandemic here.)

The silver lining to not being able to attend in person this year was that the conference was free! Without the expense and burden of travel, even more people were able to speak and to attend. Overall, it was another great conference and example that virtual events in the pandemic don’t have to be bad!

In this post, we’re including video from each of the 2020 WebRTC track talks. We appreciate IIT (and the conference sponsors) for the financial support that allows these sessions to be recorded. You can view all the recordings from the conference on the IIT playlist here.

The embedded videos below are in the order they were presented at the conference.

WebRTC Track Talks

Can SFUs and MCUs be friends?
Lorenzo Miniero, Meetecho/Janus

Building Dana The Stream Gatekeeper
Dan Jenkins, NimbleApe

Real-Time Av1: The Dawn of High-Quality, Secure, Self-adaptive Video in WebRTC
Dr Alex Gouaillard, CoSMo Software

Keynote – COVID19 and Video: Call Quality and Scalability from the Trenches
Emil Ivov, 8×8 and Jitsi
Saúl Ibarra Corretgé, 8×8 and Jitsi
Varun Singh, 8×8 and callstats.io

TADHack Global Hackathon Results
Alan Quayle, TADHack

Pion: Solving Production RTC problems with composable Open Source Go libraries
Sean DuBois, Pion.ly

What’s New In WebRTC
Bernard Aboba, Microsoft

Panel Discussion: How Has The Pandemic Changed WebRTC?
Moderator: Chad Wallace Hart, webrtcHacks & cwh.consulting
Panelists: Tsahi Levent-Levi, TestRTC, blogGeek.me
Ole Eichhorn – CTO, Teladoc Health HHS
Fernando Lapa – Network Engineering Manager, Talkdesk

How to Secure Your WebRTC Application
Natalie Silvanovich, Google

Until next year, thanks IIT!

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