On October 28, 2020, WebRTC.ventures produced our 47th episode of WebRTC Live. Arin’s guest was Sean DuBois, Pion WebRTC Creator and Developer at Amazon Web Services. He is also the author of WebRTC For The Curious, an open source book created by WebRTC implementers to share their hard-earned knowledge.

As Sean says, “WebRTC is a wonderful technology but is difficult to use.” WebRTC for the Curious is designed for:

  • Developers who don’t even know what WebRTC solves, and want to learn more
  • Someone who is already building with WebRTC but wants to know more beyond the APIs
  • The established developer who needs help debugging
  • The WebRTC implementer who needs clarification on a specific part

Arin and Sean also discuss how Pion (the Go implementation of WebRTC) inspired this project. This all ties into the vision of making WebRTC more accessible. To unlock the true power of WebRTC, we have to make it work for everyone! 

The book is available on GitHub and WebRTCforTheCurious.com.

Watch Episode #47!

WebRTC For The Curious with Sean DuBois

NEXT UP! WebRTC Security with Natalie Silvanovich of Google.

WebRTC Live Episode 48 is coming your way Wednesday, November 11 at 1:30pm Eastern US. You might assume that WebRTC is inherently secure, but Natalie will open your eyes to possible vulnerabilities you might not have considered. Register today!


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