Monday, March 9, 2020 | Charlottesville, Virginia | Press release originally published on is the parent company of SimplyDoc, a telehealth solution for medical and mental health practices.

SimplyDoc today announced the launch of a care-driven telehealth solution for any size practice. Customizable to any medical practice, mental health clinic, hospital system, or healthcare scenario, SimplyDoc is designed to be easy to use so that care providers can “simply be the doc” and their patients can have a secure, HIPAA compliant conversation in just a few clicks. SimplyDoc offers a simple solution for medical and mental health professionals to reach more patients and clients by delivering better care more efficiently.

“Telehealth is a key tool in fighting the COVID-19 outbreak,” says Arin Sime, Founder of SimplyDoc. “HIPAA compliant video visits offer access to patient care, follow-up, and expertise without risking the health of the patient, provider, or clinic staff.”

Features and benefits of SimplyDoc include:

  • See patients from their homes
  • Evaluate severity of symptoms without exposure
  • HIPAA compliant video visits
  • Custom branding
  • Offline messaging
  • Scheduled or instant calls
  • Collaborative forms
  • File-sharing and note-taking
  • Customized to your practice’s workflow
  • SimplyGuaranteed process that offers a money back guarantee

SimplyDoc is available to implement quickly, at any time, with packages that are affordable for any size clinic. For more information on SimplyDoc, visit

About SimplyDoc: SimplyDoc’s team believes that telehealth is transformative, and their goal is to work with creative medical professionals to transform healthcare and lead the way. Their heritage as a firm is in the design of highly usable consumer-focused applications. They build unique customer experiences around the SimplyDoc telehealth platform, and proudly bring that creative mindset to all of their clients.

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