According to our annual WebRTC survey, 32% (2019) and 43% (2018) of companies prefer to build their WebRTC applications with help from external experts. External experts can work together with companies’ internal teams or work independently.

It makes sense to have an external team taking care of a new feature when (1) you don’t have your own technical team, (2) you don’t have the right resources, or (3) what you’re building is not the core of your business. You may also need help troubleshooting a specific issue. Having experts’ help can be a quick way to solve your technical problems.

Based on our experience, we usually recommend using a combination of your internal technical team and external WebRTC experts. Like many other new technologies, WebRTC has experienced rapid growth over the last few years. Because it’s still relatively young, it experiences changes that can sometimes even break your application. We advocate for this combined approach so you can make sure that your product is up-to-date, understand how it works, and be able to maintain or make decisions about it in the future.

In addition to the experience, there are other advantages to utilizing a team of experts, like a flexible team size and a more diverse skill set in developers. We devote a flexible team to a mobile or web app project, which can allow for an optimized team size based on the current needs of the project. Also, a more diverse team allows for more predictability in projects and more flexibility in building new features. It is much more likely for a consulting company to have the right developer with the skills your project needs.

Working with external experts or not depends on your use case and priorities. When developing WebRTC applications for web or mobile, you’ll need a team with previous WebRTC experience or time for your team to learn. While WebRTC is an easy-to-use API, building something in production reveals many caveats and changes. Media and network engineering knowledge is usually necessary.

Do you need help from the experts?

At, we can help you in every step of the development process. We specialize in building web and mobile applications that require Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities: live streaming, video conferencing, remote teleoperation, call centers, education, gaming, telehealth applications, and more. Some additional features can include recording, transcriptions, image processing, and streaming to YouTube.

We have an experienced team ready and happy to help you out. Contact us today!

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