At, we follow the Agile development process with periodic iterations and frequent demonstrations to our customers. Our development team works in one to two week “sprints.” During those sprints, magic happens. What does TEAM stand for? Together Everyone Achieves More. UX, design, development, DevOps, project leads, and testing roles collaborate to build the best custom real-time applications for web and mobile.

At the end of each “sprint,” we demonstrate our  progress and provide an opportunity for you to give additional feedback on features as they are being developed. You, the client, knows what’s going on while the team checks in to show progress and working features. The project unfolds right before everyone’s eyes.

We plan, build, and deploy. You prioritize.

Usually, the customer acts as the Product Owner and prioritizes features to our team. However, often controls the product backlog and our technical team estimates the features so we can predict and better decide our next steps. 

We can develop for you!

At WebRTC.Ventures, we can build interactive live streaming, customizable video applications, and real-time data apps. Features can include recording, transcriptions, image processing, and much more.

We have an experienced team ready and happy to help you out. Contact us today!

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